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overwhelmed and called out...

This morning was fun!  I had a blast with Sarah Spain and Lauren Kaminsky  on Chicago Now Radio!  I think it went well.  UPDATE:  Audio from our segment is available, Click and listen to my nasally goodness! After our segment we headed out with Dave Wallach, Iron Barb and her husband Mike for a 6.5-7... Read more »

being a fatty...

I haven’t gone into a lot of detail when talking about my health since starting this journey.  I’ve been vague out of embarrassment and anger.  I was embarrassed that I had let myself get into such horrible shape, and angry for digging that hole.  For a long while I used that to avoid going to... Read more »

the gym, a run and the radio...

I hit the Bally Total Fitness near home bright and early yesterday, getting there before it opened. So I waited in line with the other die hards! I find it freaking cool that we line up outside to get in! Makes me smile each week. I chucked my stuff into a locker and spun for... Read more »

weigh-in wednesday results...

Week 20 results…Results are in for week 20…down 1.6lbs this week, for a total of 57.2lbs lost in 20 weeks! Training has been good this week.  I even learned something yesterday.  Coach Jen scheduled a 45 minute run: 45 min run with a pyramid of harder efforts: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min VERY HARD/rest... Read more »

weigh-in wednesdays

I weigh in each week on Wednesdays…hence the title. I’ll share the info and update this Excel spreadsheet to share my progress!

my marathon sponsors...

There’s no way I’d make it to 10.10.10 with out the following people! Go check them out! They rock!  Dave Wallach @ Pace of Chicago Dave writes Pace of Chicago. Go read it, get inspired. I did, and emailed Dave. Later that day, I was on this journey! Thanks Dave! Coach Jen HarrisonI’m so grateful... Read more »

for those who don't know me...

Hi there, welcome to the new home of cubicle dad.  For the past 5 years I’ve been here…or there I guess.  Now, I’ve been asked to share my journey here.  This will be the continuation of the story! To get you up to speed…I’m Dan, a working father of 2 awesome daughters, with a wife... Read more »

forward by David Wallach

Every journey we take in life has to start with the decision to move forward.  At times it can be an easy decision, other times the simple act of deciding to make a change in your life can be so debilitating it can shut a person down, drain them of hope and keep them from... Read more »

it's team cubicle t-shirt time

Wait, what are team cubicle shirts you say?  I started team cubicle after hearing from friends, family, coworker and strangers that my story has inspired them to get active.  I thought it would be awesome to try and harness this contagiousness…and use it to help get people motivated. I realized quickly how motivating this all... Read more »