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Dear CTA, how about: If you see something, TEXT something

Long-time CTA Tattler readers know that I often have railed against CTA flashers, gropers, wankers and rubbers. I’ve urged women to stand up and fight back against these jerks. But I also realize that’s easy for a man to say. For its part, the CTA last fall started its ad campaign: “If it’s unwanted, it’s... Read more »

CTA wanker caught in the act - now let's catch him

Regular readers know I’ve written (too) many times about perverts and wankers and fondlers and flashers on CTA trains and buses. I’ve encouraged you to be brave and take photos of the perps. Yep, easy for me to say, since I’m a guy. So big props to a reader I’m calling Judy. Here’s her story:... Read more »

Indecent exposure report on CTA leads to arrest of convicted sex offender

A Kane County man last week was charged with public indecency and lewd exposure after touching and exposing himself to a woman on the Brown Line March 31. Just hours after the CTA incident, police allege that Douglas Sale also exposed himself to a female bicyclist in Rogers Park. Thank you, ladies, for coming forward... Read more »