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Lively CTA tweets by drivers and passengers, with lotsa dissin' goin' on

As you might expect, Twitter is nearly always bursting with folks (usually) bitching about the CTA and its shortcomings. In the span of about an hour yesterday there were complaints about the crowded #20 Madison, a CTA fight “that lasted about 10 minutes before a tazer came out,” and of course the most common complaint... Read more »

"Fake" tweets show 36 hours of increasing pain from service cuts for Martha

Tattler pal Martha shared her commuting pain over the last 36 hours in a comment on today’s post. It’s priceless — and painful — so I had to share it in a separate post: I’m not a member of the Twittering class, but I’ll try my best to pretend.  Maybe you’re supposed to use one... Read more »

CTA, unions bicker over meetings; CTA nixes union concessions as too pricey

One step forward (if that), three steps back on the CTA-union negotiations. Today there was bickering over who didn’t invite whom to meetings that may or may not have been promised. Folks, it really doesn’t look too good at all for any resolution to this mess anytime soon. First, the Trib reports that CTA brass... Read more »

Twitter gives us this snapshot of effects of CTA service cuts

I looked at just a three-hour stretch on Twitter late Tuesday to see how the topic of CTA service cuts was trending in tweets. Here’s what I found. Hot stuff! Generally, people are not happy. And who can blame them. Colin_Parsons CTA is really letting me down with these “less frequent” bus routes. The trains... Read more »

New Year's Tweets: Open toe shoes, shedding sequins, wine in water bottle

With penny rides enticing partiers, it was a busy New Year’s Eve on the CTA last week. And the Twitter traffic bears that out. I monitored all Tweets mentioning the CTA that night, and here I’ve grabbed screen caps on the most interesting. So we get to relive our partying through Twitter.