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CTA tests new train tracker signs with alert updates

The CTA is rolling out updates to how train tracker signs display information, adding customer alert information among other changes. Signs are being tested in a variety of station types (island platforms, side platforms, multi-route) at these stations: Merchandise Mart (Brown, Purple Lines) Western (Brown Line) Grand (Blue Line) Grand (Red Line) Lake (Red Line)... Read more »

CTA installs Train Tracker screens at all stations

The CTA has finished its yearlong odyssey to install Train Tracker screens in all rail stations – a week ahead of its own Labor Day deadline. A Train Tracker screen at the CTA’s Merchandise Mart station. (CTA photo) Last week the CTA installed the screens at the Madison/Wabash Loop elevated station. With this latest installation,... Read more »

Great new features increase usefulness of CTA Train Tracker

New train locator map. Pick a rail line and then watch the trains (by run number) progress through the route.
The CTA has improved on a good thing by adding new features to the workforce app Train Tracker. Here are the new features: “Follow this train” allows you to click or tap on an approaching train on CTA Train Tracker and get estimates of how many minutes it will take to get to each of... Read more »

Train arrival screens doubled; added to 16 more stations

This sign was first installed in 2009 at Addison, but glitches shut it down. An additional 16 CTA rail stations now project next train arrival times on electronic signs. The stations are: Jefferson Park, Logan Square and Clark/Lake (Blue Line) Oak Park and 35th-Bronzeville-IIT (Green Line) Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren and Clark/Lake (Loop Elevated) Pulaski... Read more »

How CTA derives its Train Tracker data

Last week, the CTA opened up its Train Tracker API code so outside developers can applications using it. (CTA photo) That’s great news. Developers have used the Bus Tracker API to build a number of apps for smartphones and other uses. But what interested me in the announcement was the explanation of how Train Tracker... Read more »

Problem-plagued train arrival screens now working at Fullerton, Belmont

Finally repaired after weeks-long outage in March.
The next-train arrival information screens at Belmont and Fullerton — inoperable for several weeks in March – are finally working for Red, Brown and Purple Line Express CTA riders. It was a hardware problem, according to a CTA spokeswoman. “The platform displays at these two locations are unique from other displays being tested during the... Read more »

Why doesn't CTA use ctatraintracker.com domain name?

If you want to access the CTA’s Bus Tracker website, you just navigate to ctabustracker.com. So you might think you would go to ctatraintracker.com to use Train Tracker. Wrong. That’s because Michael Goldstein of Buffalo Grove owns that domain name. No doubt he would love to sell it to the CTA. For a price. Goldstein... Read more »

Some CTA Train Tracker details and basics

CTA’s Train Tracker has been live for about two days now. (Link for smartphone users.)  I’ve had a chance to use it on two different rail lines. And I’ve been reading details about it on the Chicago Transit Authority website. Here are some tips and details I’ve gathered. How it works. “This system looks at... Read more »

Repost: Notes from a beta tester of CTA's Train Tracker

In case you missed this over the weekend, here’s a repost from Saturday. My brother Daniel X. O’Neil was a beta tester of Train Tracker. In this guest post he recounts his experiences with testing. Over the last few weeks, I was a part of the beta test program for the Train Tracker system launched... Read more »

CTA Train Tracker now available

The CTA has just released its new Train Tracker feature. Here’s the CTA press release. They are calling it a beta test. I’ll be trying it this weekend and will have a full report later.