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CTA track work reduces slow zones to lowest level since 1997

The CTA’s track modernization projects over the last four years have resulted in the lowest level of L slow zones since 1997 – just 5.5 percent at the end of 2015. In 2007, more than 22 percent of the elevated tracks were designated slow zones –¬†areas where trains are required to operate at slower-than-normal speeds,... Read more »

Emanuel buffs CTA portfolio in advance of re-election bid

Ya know, with all these CTA projects underway or about to start, one might think there was an election looming around the bend. Oh yeah! The election for mayor of Chicago is Feb. 24, 2015. And yes, you gotta hand it to Mayor Emanuel – he’s been delivering on his CTA promises. Here are some... Read more »

CTA slow zone report: Progress on Brown, Blue lines

Everyone hates CTA rail slow zones. Especially the CTA. Slow zones delay trains and cause people to complain. Slow zones are near the top of the list of complaints I get, and I’m sure for the CTA too. Fighting slow zones is a never-ending battle for the CTA, especially with a rail system more than... Read more »

CTA O'Hare Blue Line stretch to get $20 million in slow zone repairs

The CTA next spring will begin a $20.4 million project to repair slow zones on the O’Hare Blue Line between the Damen and Logan Square stations. Last week the board approved the contract with Kiewit Infrastructure Inc., the same firm that completed the Red Line north interim station improvement project and the track work of... Read more »

Repairing CTA slow zones: Like Sisyphus and his rock

It’s a typical Sisyphean task – seemingly futile and hopeless. The CTA makes some good headway on repairing rail slow zones in one area, only to see rails deteriorate in another area and get added to the slow zone map. In August of last year, the CTA announced a $15 million project to add more... Read more »

CTA plans seven-month slow zone work on Purple Line

The CTA in May will begin a seven-month, $2 million slow zone repair project on the Purple Line. More than 6.700 feet of slow zones will be eliminated, and more than 6,000 aged track ties will be replaced during the project, according to the Daily Northwestern. Also targeted for replacement are some of the wooden... Read more »

Slow zones reach four-year high; hope for big fix is on the horizon

Slow zones reach four-year high; hope for big fix is on the horizon
Slow zones on CTA rail lines reached almost 16 percent, according to the most recent map by the CTA. That’s the most since the spring of 2008. But recent announcements give hope – including one on Tuesday about a $66 million track rehab project on the Brown and Purple Lines between the Merchandise Mart and... Read more »

CTA decides to shut South Red Line for 5-month track rebuild in 2013

The CTA found itself on the horns of a dilemma. Take four long years and pay an extra $75 million to rebuild the tracks along the South Red Line during weekend work. –OR– Do that same work in five short months and spend that $75 million to make three stations accessible. But all nine stations... Read more »

Slow zone repair work coming soon for north and south ends of CTA's Red Line

Slow zones on the Dan Ryan south branch of the Red Line are show in red. Slow zones cover about 30 percent of the Dan Ryan branch.
On the Dan Ryan branch of the CTA Red Line, 30 percent of the track requires slow zones for safe operations, according to the March slow zone map. There are more than 101,000 linear track feet of slows zones on the Dan Ryan branch, accounting for 22 percent of all slow zones systemwide. The map... Read more »

CTA gets federal grant to fix slow zones on Blue Line

The final stretch of slow zones on the Blue Line between the Loop and O’Hare Airport will be eliminated under a $20 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant. The money will be used to repair slow zones on 3.6 miles of Blue Line track between Damen and Belmont, the Tribune reports.