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CTA completes layoffs with bus mechanics, servicers; union warns of breakdowns, dirt

With the Archer Street Garage now officially shut down, the CTA on Sunday completed the last of 1,057 layoffs by giving pink slips to 99 bus mechanics and servicers. That move quickly prompted the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241to warn riders of dirtier and more broken-down buses ahead. The Sun-Times reported that a union business... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: CTA union grievances; aborted "escape" on #22 Clark

I was out of town Thursday through this past weekend, visiting friends in New Hampshire. If you think we’ve got it bad with service cuts, try living without power in your home for a few days, as at least a third of the people in the Granite State had to do after Thursday night’s tornado-force... Read more »

Union, CTA finally talk -- say nothing new

For the first time since the CTA cut service on Feb. 7, the bus union chief and CTA president sat down together — on live TV even — and essentially made no news. Same as it ever was: The union won’t agree to any contract concessions, but the CTA intends to keep asking. For his... Read more »

Union-CTA impasse: Union holds firm while two key Revs. split on concessions

With no talks since before the service cuts went into effect two weeks ago, the CTA bus and rail operator unions so far are holding firm in opposition to giving up 3.5% raises this year and taking 10 furlough days off, among other CTA demands. Meanwhile, two South Side reverands who often have stood together... Read more »

A plethora of CTA news, with accompanying snarky comments

As usual these days, Thursday was another day filled with CTA news. Here’s a brief recap, with my own snarky comments. RTA’s chief Stephen Schlickman announced he will resign in October. He’s hoping to miss the next Doomsday on Jan. 1 2011. A lack of state cash is pushing the RTA to a “crisis point,”... Read more »

"Fake" tweets show 36 hours of increasing pain from service cuts for Martha

Tattler pal Martha shared her commuting pain over the last 36 hours in a comment on today’s post. It’s priceless — and painful — so I had to share it in a separate post: I’m not a member of the Twittering class, but I’ll try my best to pretend.  Maybe you’re supposed to use one... Read more »

CTA, unions bicker over meetings; CTA nixes union concessions as too pricey

One step forward (if that), three steps back on the CTA-union negotiations. Today there was bickering over who didn’t invite whom to meetings that may or may not have been promised. Folks, it really doesn’t look too good at all for any resolution to this mess anytime soon. First, the Trib reports that CTA brass... Read more »

Twitter gives us this snapshot of effects of CTA service cuts

I looked at just a three-hour stretch on Twitter late Tuesday to see how the topic of CTA service cuts was trending in tweets. Here’s what I found. Hot stuff! Generally, people are not happy. And who can blame them. Colin_Parsons CTA is really letting me down with these “less frequent” bus routes. The trains... Read more »

What a strange 10 days it's been for CTA, unions and riders

It’s been another strange week for CTA news, highlighted by increasingly strained relations between the CTA and its two operator unions, Amalgamated Transit Union Locals 241 (bus operators) and 308 (rail operators). Let’s do a recap and rewind by 10 days to the Friday before the cuts went into effect on Sunday, Feb. 7.Friday, Feb.... Read more »

Union threatens to follow the rules, slow down bus routes, if CTA won't negotiate fairly

CTA bus union president Darrell Jefferson threatened drivers will follow rules to the letter — which would mean slower bus runs — the CTA doesn’t negotiate fairly. Jefferson joined the Rev. Jesse Jackson Saturday at Operation Push headquarters, both the Trib and Sun-Times are reporting: ….”A “slowdown” would mean strict adherence to the rules, i.e.,... Read more »