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RTA scare tactic? Agency warns of service cuts due to state's unpaid bills

In what appears to be a blatant scare tactic to me, the RTA is threatening that the CTA, Metra and Pace may have to make service cuts in July if the state doesn’t fork over almost $400 million it owes the area’s transit oversight board. And for that I say, you rock RTA! Despite a... Read more »

A year after service cuts, and we still feel the impact

One year ago today the CTA cut bus service by 19% and rail service by 9%. About 1,100 operators and other union workers were laid off — though almost half have since returned to work due to attrition. We’re now pretty accustomed to the reduced service. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.... Read more »

CTA cuts jobs, fuel bills and saves $54 million

CTA President Richard Rodriguez kicked off the annual CTA budget discussion on Wednesday by announcing $36.1 million cuts from “personnel efficiencies” and another $17.5 million in fuel and administrative costs. The $54 million budget whack was the first salvo in what promises to be another “interesting” adventure as the CTA struggles to balance its budget.... Read more »

Tell Congress to support cash infusion to restore or avoid more CTA cuts

A laid-off CTA bus driver wrote to urge CTA Tattler reader support of the Public Transportation Act of 2010. The bills pending in both house of Congress would provide $2 billion in emergency aid to transit systems for operating expenses needed to restore service cuts. A note from the driver: I contacted SpeakerNancy Pelosi and... Read more »

Six years and counting on the CTA beat for the Tattler

Today marks my sixth anniversary of blogging about things seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority — with plenty of news thrown in. And I’ve been with ChicagoNow for just over a year. I always like to note this date to thank you readers for inspiring me to keep it going. Your contributions and... Read more »

Support bill to provide $2 billion in transit emergency operating funds

A U.S. Senate committee is currently considering a bill that could provide funds to restore about $100 million in service cuts made by the CTA in February. From a Transportation for America press release: The Public Transportation Preservation Act would provide $2 billion in emergency assistance for operating expenses necessary to restore a major reduction... Read more »

Shocker: Ridership down just slightly, despite big service cuts

CTA ridership in the first quarter of the year was down just 0.2% compared to the same period in 2009. That’s surprising, considering that on Feb. 7,  bus service was cut almost 20% and rail service about 10%. The ridership stats reported at Wednesday’s CTA board meeting show that bus patronage is down across the... Read more »

Chicago chambers: Union should give concessions to restore service, add jobs

In a Tribune letter to the editor last week, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce last week called on CTA union workers give up wage hikes this year, take unpaid furlough days off and pay more of their health insurance. Here’s the letter. Keep Chicago moving Public transportation is critical to lifting our region out of... Read more »

A month later, reduced CTA service becomes the new norm

It’s now been a full month since CTA bus service was cut by almost 20% and train service by about 10%. What, you had forgotten? We humans are a very evolved animal species, so we can adapt well. And it’s a damn good thing, because folks, those cuts are NOT coming back. Here’s why: The... Read more »

Riders admonish driver for rude remarks to disabled passenger; anger surfaces over cuts

Some seething anger over the recent service cuts came spilling out of passengers last week on the #65 Grand, directed at a bus driver for his rude comments to a man hobbling along with his walker. Jim shared the story: The #65 Grand was headed west, when a man with a walker signaled he wanted... Read more »