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CTA has more surveillance cameras than city of Chicago

The city of Chicago has 1,260 blue-light police surveillance cameras deployed throughout the city. The Chicago Transit Authority has 1,800 cameras on its buses and at train stations. Chicago Tribune photo by Antonio Perez Who knew the CTA had more cameras than the city? The American Civil Liberties Union calls Chicago the most-watched city in... Read more »

Security cameras installed at 24 Green Line stations; Brown and Red lines next up

This news should give Green Line thieves pause: The CTA has completed the installation of security cameras at 24 Green Line stations. The CTA now has camera coverage at half of its 144 stations. Mayor Daley and the CTA brass came together last weekend to talk about the $4 million Green Line security project, funded... Read more »

CTA promises security cameras at all rail stations by next summer

The CTA board Wednesday OK’ed a $4.3 million contract to equip install security cameras at all rail stations by the end of next summer, with the first being installed at 17 stations on the Green Line by the end of the year. The Green Line has been hard hit this year by pickpockets and other... Read more »