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How not to be a seat hog: Sit on your bag

How not to be a seat hog: Sit on your bag
Here’s a bad photo showing a good deed. But you get the idea. This CTA Red Line rider chooses to sit on his bag rather than hog the seat next to him. Nice!

Seat hogs abound across the country, not just on the CTA

We have written a lot lately about seat hogs on the CTA. Their sins include: Feet on seats. Bags on seats. Butts blocking empty seats. . . . Among other horrible things. And now the Washington Post has taken notice in a big way. It publishes a long story quoting many commuters about how seat... Read more »

"Boss Hogg" needs a lesson in CTA etiquette

Don’t be afraid to tell guys like this to move their bags. Tattler reader/photographer sailingfanblues reports that the guy sitting behind the bags is a tourist from the South, whom he dubbed “Boss Hogg.” That works for me. And while I always try to be nice and polite to tourists, we need to teach them... Read more »