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Overall CTA ridership increased 2.4 percent in 2012

Despite rail station closures for North Red Line renovations, and some bus eliminations very late in December, the CTA ridership ledger showed black ink again for 2012. Overall ridership increased by 2.4 percent in 2012 over 2011, according to stats from the December 2012 ridership report. Ridership on the rails accounted for most of the... Read more »

CTA reports record ridership not seen since 1991

The CTA can thank higher gas prices and an improved rider experience for the highest ridership numbers in 2011 since 1991. Chicago’s No. 1 transit agency provided almost 532 million rides last year, about 15 million more than 2010. Only 1991 saw higher ridership at 540 million. Last year’s ridership was 3 percent better than... Read more »

CTA rides numbers game: Ridership up slightly overall, but rail rides rule

After the first four months of 2011, CTA ridership has increased slightly over the same period of 2010, with rail riders accounting for the increase. Ridership through April was 169 million, almost 1 million rides better than last year, according to the April financial report. Rail ridership rose by 2.7 million rides, while bus rides... Read more »

Straight dope on CTA ridership numbers for 2010

The CTA released official ridership figures this week for 2010. I reported earlier in the month on this, but here’s ridership by the numbers. Total ridership Total ridership in 2010: 516.9 million rides Total ridership in 2009: 521.3 million rides Difference in rides, from 2009 to 2010: 4.4 million fewer rides Percent change from 2009... Read more »

CTA ridership down less than 1% in 2010

Despite a wretched economy and big service cuts, ridership on the Chicago Transit Authority dropped just under 1% last year compared to 2009. There were almost 517 million rides taken on the CTA in 2010, which was about 4.7 million more than the CTA expected, but still a 0.8 percent drop from 2009, said CTA... Read more »

Shocker: Ridership down just slightly, despite big service cuts

CTA ridership in the first quarter of the year was down just 0.2% compared to the same period in 2009. That’s surprising, considering that on Feb. 7,  bus service was cut almost 20% and rail service about 10%. The ridership stats reported at Wednesday’s CTA board meeting show that bus patronage is down across the... Read more »

Some riders switch to trains after 18% service cuts for bus routes

Since the CTA cut bus service by 18% on Feb. 7, about 1 million fewer passengers boarded buses, while about 600,000 more riders climbed aboard trains, President Rich Rodriguez told the CTA board Wednesday. Compared to the same period last year, bus ridership was down 4% in the four weeks after Feb. 7, while rail... Read more »

Rusty, old CTA screw symbolizes need for federal capital funds

At a House committee hearing earlier this month, Federal Transit Administration chief Peter Rogoff held up a rusty, 65-year-old CTA screw to point out how badly the CTA and other transit agencies need more federal capital funding to bring the systems into a state of good repair. It’s unclear whether CTA President Richard Rodriguez gave... Read more »

Revenue and ridership down; details on how stimulus funds were spent

Here are some news items gleaned from reports presented at last week’s CTA board meeting. Revenue down, but so are expenses. Total revenue through July was about $860,000 lower than budgeted. But the good news is that expenses are about $1.5 million less than budgeted. Source. Ridership down for year. CTA ridership systemwide through August... Read more »

CTA budget in decent shape, but ridership starting to slip

Here’s another in the continuing series where I read and summarize board reports so you don’t have to. At the halfway point through the year, the CTA is reporting that total revenue exceeds budget by about $6 million, while total expenses are about $30 million less than budgeted. That’s after some belt-tightening, layoffs, and furloughs,... Read more »