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Mayor Rahm: King of the "L"

April 5: Mayor Rahm: King of the "L." A  Michigan Avenue Magazine story reports that Mayor Rahm Emanuel rides the Brown Line twice a week from his Ravenswood Manor home. (Photo by Michigan Avenue Magazine)
Yes folks, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel still is riding the “L.” In fact, he says he rides the Brown Line twice a week from his home in Ravenswood Manor. The first photo in this gallery is from a Michigan Avenue Magazine story. I wonder if he has a CTA Chicago Card Plus tied to the... Read more »

Winner of Rahm zombie caption contest: "This is hell. Doors open on ..."

The mayor showed he can have some fun by releasing this photo of him "with zombies." (Photo from Chicago Mayor's Office)
Michael Alper is the winner of the Rahm zombie CTA caption contest for this entry: “This is Hell. Doors open on the left, at Hell.” The caption garnered 42% of the vote in a CTA Tattler quick poll, beating out the next closest caption (with 23% of the vote) by Sam92: “Trapped in a train... Read more »

Quinn keeps CTA promise: $646 million for Red Line Dan Ryan rehab, two station overhauls

More than two years ago, Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Illinois Jobs Now bill, promising about $900 million in much-needed capital-repair cash for the CTA. Now he’s starting to follow through on that promise with Thursday’s announcement of $646 million to repair and rebuild the Red Line and make much-needed improvements on the Purple Line.... Read more »

Vote for winner of caption contest for Rahm zombie train

Thanks to my readers for providing almost 50 captions for the Rahm / zombie photo. Take a look at Monday’s post for all the captions in their hilarity. Now’s the time to vote on the best. Take our click poll below. The winner gets a nifty ChicagoNow T-Shirt and some CTA Tattler buttons. Such swag.... Read more »

Caption contest - Rahm on the CTA among zombies

The mayor showed he can have some fun by releasing this photo of him "with zombies." (Photo from Chicago Mayor's Office)
This photo really demands a caption contest. UPDATE: Vote now for the best caption. Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey posted this on his Facebook page. Now you have to write a caption for it. We’ll vote for a winner based on what I deem to be the top entries. Have at it! UPDATE: Just learned... Read more »

Rahm to fund CTA improvements with downtown "congestion" parking tax

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2012 budget suggests imposing a new $2 “congestion premium” on all drivers parking in downtown parking garages and lots on weekdays. Total city tax would be $5. The extra $2 would fund currently unspecified CTA improvements¬† be used to rebuild two unnamed L stations downtown and to fund the bus rapid transit... Read more »

City employees will have to take CTA for on-the-job travel when possible, Rahm rules

In an effort to save the Chicago $1 million, city employees who have to travel on the job will be required to use public transportation when possible instead of being reimbursed for use of their personal car. Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in a press release Saturday “that the preferred method of travel for employees once... Read more »

Brown Line's Montrose stop: Rahm's entrance, iPad thieves' exit

Not too long after Mayor Rahm Emanuel boarded a Brown Line train at Montrose for his first 30-minute commute to City Hall, two thieves snatched an iPad from a rider and fled at the same Montrose stop. Other passengers, the victim and police worked together to grab one of the bandits not too far away.... Read more »

Former Daley insider takes over as chief of staff for CTA board chair

After Mayor Rahm Emanuel plucked his own chief of staff out from under his pal Terry Peterson, the CTA’s board chairman, Peterson has hired a former Daley insider as a replacement. Call it the city hall revolving door? Joan Coogan, director of former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA) , took over... Read more »

Rodriguez and former CTA top advisor get key jobs under Mayor Emanuel

Ex-CTA President Richard Rodriguez has landed solidly on his feet as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s environment commissioner. And Theresa Mintle, the chief of staff to CTA Board Chair Terry Peterson, was tapped by Rahm to be his own chief of staff. So the good news is there are now at least three close Rahm advisors and... Read more »