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CTA quiet car might be nice, but spirited conversation rules

Metra expanded its “quiet cars” project to all 11 of its rail lines this week. Metra’s website says “the rules are simple”: No cellphone calls. If passengers must answer their phones, they should make it brief or move to the vestibule or another car. Conversations are discouraged; if they must be held they should be... Read more »

Poll results: Free rides for seniors, CTA quiet car

Here are the results of recent quick poll questions that CTA Tattler readers weighed in on. Free rides for seniors? This poll drew well over 1,000 participants, and by a slim margin, Tattler readers think we should bring back the old days and let all seniors ride for half-price at all times. About 31% agree... Read more »

How about a "quiet car" on the CTA?

I boarded a “quiet car” last month in Philadelphia on the SEPTA line between the airport and center city. That’s where cell phone calls are prohibited, and even conversations “should be short and conducted in a whisper.” Quiet Car on a Philadelphia SEPTA commuter rail car We know that Metra train’s don’t have them because... Read more »