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Red Line sleepers: Beware of the pants-cutting pickpocket; crime rate up 16% this year

In the past two weeks I have heard from two different CTA Tattler readers about having their pants sliced on the Red Line and wallets taken by a late-night pickpocket as the victims snoozed on their way home. One victim shows his cut jeans where a pickpocket sliced his way to a wallet. This is... Read more »

Riders beware of common pickpocket ploy -- distraction

Jazbing posted this warning about pickpockets in the Crazy Commuting Stories thread. I wanted to make sure all my readers saw it, so I pulled it out as a separate post: Hey Everyone — While about to exit the #50 Damen bus yesterday, in the front of the bus, right by the driver, no less,... Read more »

How not to become a victim of CTA pickpockets

Last week I heard from a woman who was a victim of a pickpocket team. She wants me to share her story to educate you all about these doofuses. Her story starts below. Thanks for sharing, Isabel. Also, the Tamale Chica wrote me separately to share a blog post by a cop who was trying... Read more »