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Shameless sharing of sexted photos startles Red Line riders

Two college-aged guys are sitting in the seats across from each other adjacent to the doors on the Red Line headed south. Both were heavily working their iPhones, reviewing various photos of women they knew. It was clear they were texting the photos back and forth to each other. At one point, one guy said... Read more »

Trapped on a train -- by an ex-co-worker

Trapped on a train -- by an ex-co-worker
The two women were catching up like two long-lost friends. They talked about their respective jobs and one’s upcoming wedding. Facebook updates. Upcoming dates. The two ex-co-workers promised to stay in touch. After the one left the Red Line, the other immediately got on the phone to another friend: “Do you know how you get... Read more »

Heard and smelled on the Red Line: Magnets and senior pot

Readers shared a couple Red Line experiences from last week. Benjamin tells this story: A pair of Loyola students got on the new Series 5000 car  at Chicago/State, and were wowed by the various new features: the LED signs, the light-up system map, and the new floors. But they were really impressed with the ride:... Read more »

Meet the most nervous man in Chicago

My daughter got up from her Red Line seat and walked down the aisle to the door. As she walked past a well-dressed elderly gentleman, he stamped his feet, hooted, and exclaimed in a sing-song voice: “Girl, your father must be the most nervous man in Chicago!” Um, yeah, now I really am.