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Orange Line signaling defect prompts slow zones

The entire Orange Line between Midway and the Loop is operating under slow zone conditions — no more than 35 mph — because of a signaling defect the CTA discovered. From the press release: Under certain circumstances the defect could potentially result in a rail operator not being properly alerted to a train ahead via... Read more »

Calm before the service cuts storm: Weekend work slows Blue, Orange lines

Welcome to the last full weekend before CTA service cuts go into effect on Sunday, Feb. 7. A week from Sunday you’ll see greater intervals between trains and buses, and service will stop earlier. But hey, that’s next weekend. This weekend, there will be some boarding changes on the Blue Line between LaSalle and Grand... Read more »

CTA touts airport service; Miller Lite plugs free Saturday buses

The CTA is urging us to use the Orange and Blue Lines to Midway and O’Hare on Thursday, and Miller Lite is pushing its double-decker buses every Saturday during this holiday (drinking) season. Wednesday and Sunday are the busiest travel days of the year. Longer trains on the Orange, Brown, Green and Blue lines beginning... Read more »

When an Orange Line train turns Brown, and vice-versa

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a few emails from folks who have been on an Orange Line train that suddenly became a Brown Line train during rush hour, and vice-versa. The common question being, what’s up with that? The good news is, you are not hallucinating. Here’s what the CTA has to say... Read more »

Plans for rail line extensions inch forward with board approval

The CTA board today approved the “locally preferred alternatives” for extending the Red, Orange and Yellow train lines. That means they OKed the results of months of planning and community meetings to narrow down routes and final termination points for the lines. Next up is the stage where the CTA studies the environmental impact of... Read more »