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Weekend Loop track work reroutes Brown, Orange and Pink lines

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The CTA took a two-week break from Loop track renewal work after its first weekend April 20-23. Now it is back at it this weekend, with route changes for the Brown, Pink and Orange lines. Brown and Orange line trains will be through-routed via the LakeĀ  and Wabash sides of the Loop. That means the... Read more »

Before and after photos of Logan Square CTA station renewal - and what stations are next

Bus canopy at Logan Square Blue Line station - before
Here’s what the CTA “renew crews” did to accomplish the dramatic improvements at the Logan Square station on the Blue Line: Power washing of station plaza, interior walls, tunnel walls and ceiling Heavy cleaning of floors and stairs Light fixture cleaning and improvement Installation of additional light fixtures on the subway platform tunnel walls Repainting... Read more »

CTA extends service hours for Brown, Orange, Green lines

We reported Friday that “rail rides rule” with higher ridership this year. Now the CTA is providing more early morning and late evening opportunities for riders on the Brown, Orange and Green line, according to a press release, from which I quote. Brown Line: On weekdays and Saturday mornings the first train downtown will leave... Read more »

Observations on an Orange Line excursion

It's always busy there. And a long walk to the actual terminal. (Wikipedia photo)
Longtime readers (and perhaps more casual ones) know that I’m primarily a Red Line commuter, just like 40% of all CTA rail riders. I live less than two blocks from the Morse stop at the north end and the Red Line spits me out right near my office building downtown. So it’s nice to travel... Read more »

CTA completes slow-zone repairs on Orange Line

Orange Line riders should see their commuting times improve, now that the CTA has finished slow-zone repairs on the crucial rail link to Midway Airport. “As a result of CTA personnel working diligently and collaboratively with the system manufacturer to test and implement the necessary short-term solution, Orange Line service is being restored to normal... Read more »

Details on Saturday's Tattler Holiday Train outing

Now that the CTA finally has published the schedule for Saturday’s Holiday Train along the “Brorange” Line, I think we’ll have to adjust our earlier plans. This year we want to board in later afternoon/early evening so we can enjoy the Holiday Train in all its twinkling splendor. But to do that, we’ll have to... Read more »

News catch-up: CTA lobbyists; new rail cars go Orange

The CTA has spent about $4.2 million on state and federal lobbyists since 2004, according to a Daily Herald report. In 2009 alone the CTA spent $820,000 on seven lobbying firms. A CTA official told the Daily Herald: “It is worth this level of expense to engage experts in the areas of legislative and grant-making... Read more »

CTA is testing LED lighting - one rail car at a time

CTA Tattler correspondent Dan noted last week that car 3295 on the Orange Line seemed brighter: “It appears that either there are whiter bulbs in the lighting fixtures or the light covers have been replaced. Nice change. Know anything about that?” I asked a CTA spokesperson about that, and she confirmed that the rail maintenance... Read more »

Weekend CTA service changes: Brown, Orange, Purple, Red lines - helicopter lifts!

The Brown Line will be shut down again Sunday morning between the Merchandise Mart and the Loop for maintenance on the Wells Street Bridge. A bus shuttle will operate between the Mart and Clark/Lake stations. The CTA’s weekend service alert notes: “Customers may use Orange, Green and Pink line trains to travel between Clark/Lake and... Read more »

News pickup: Another shot at curbing free senior rides; falls onto CTA tracks

We’ll start the week with a roundup of CTA — and Metra — news items from the last week. Another shot at cutting free senior rides. The state Senate is taking another stab at reducing free rides for seniors on the CTA and other transit agencies. The latest bill, which passed the full Senate unanimously,... Read more »