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Stark assessment of Apple light box ads on North/Clybourn platform

I think this text message from my daughter pretty much sums it up: “The Apple ads at North/Clybourn are intensely irritating. I think you can see them from space.” As part of its $4 million dollar deal with the CTA to fix up the North/Clybourn station, Apple got exclusive advertising rights. So all you North/Clybourn... Read more »

Apple store to open Saturday near its "sister" CTA Red Line station

The new Apple store at North and Halsted will open this coming Saturday at 10 am. The CTA leased the former bus turnaround at the North/Clybourn Red Line station at no cost to Apple. In exchange, Apple agreed to spend about $4 million to rehab the interior and exterior of the station, and fund improvements... Read more »

Red Line's North/Clybourn rehab looking good with Apple funding

Progress on the rehab of the CTA’s North/Clybourn Red Line station is proceeding nicely, a year after the CTA inked an agreement for Apple to fund the $4 million project. It is building a store just to the east of the station on North Avenue. As chicago-l.org explains, “in exchange for the improvements the CTA... Read more »

Forget the stairs - take the slide to the platform

Sometimes it seems Europeans just have so much more fun that we do here in the U.S. Exhibit A: This slide on the stairs at a Berlin U-bahn station. I think Apple needs to sponsor this for the long stairway at North/Clybourn on the CTA’s Red Line. Of course, this would never fly in our... Read more »

After lawmakers fail to act, CTA inches closer to fare hikes, service cuts

Share The spineless state legislators refused to even let the free rides repeal bill out of committee, so the CTA is now just over three months away. While the $25 million that might have been saved had the free rides law been repealed would not have solved the budget problems, the failure to act sent... Read more »

Apple to "adopt" North/Clybourn stop with $4 million fixup, possible naming rights

Mac and iPod maker Apple can’t bear to be neighbors with a crumbling subway station, so it’s investing about $4 million to spruce up the station house and platform levels of the Red Line’s North/Clybourn station. The station is adjacent to an Apple store slated to open in the fall of 2010 at North and... Read more »