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Train severs teen's leg while he's tagging in NY subway

The three New York City taggers were walking on the tracks about 75 feet from a Brooklyn subway station when they saw the train approaching them as it left the station. The two brothers and their cousin moved to tunnel recesses normally used by maintenance workers. More from the New York Times report: “He was... Read more »

Green Snuggie makes a fine fashion statement for CTA commute

The whole Red Line train car did a double take on a sleepy Thursday morning when the very large lady boarded at Thorndale. She was wrapped tight in her huge green Snuggie. She wore it over her heavy, hooded winter overcoat. She took her seat right next to me and pulled out her book, “Partners... Read more »

Prospects for reversal of CTA service cuts are not bright

Today is first work day when we’ll really feel the brunt of the CTA service cuts that went into effect on Sunday. The CTA is duly warning that waits for buses and trains will be much longer, especially during non-rush hours. And judging from what CTA union leaders are saying, the prospects of the unions... Read more »

Be sure to vote today in primary election

As loyal CTA Tattler readers, you all are avid fans of transit and transit issues. So I will take it a step further and assume you are probably all active in politics and vote in every election. So maybe I’m preaching to the choir in urging you all to vote today in Illinois’ primary election.... Read more »

Summary of the "sticking points" between CTA and unions

We had a spirited discussion here last week about the union negotiations. There were some important items noted in the comments on that thread. Since this is an important issue, and not everyone reads all comments, I will summarize some key points here, plus clarify and reiterate others. The transit unions are slated to get... Read more »

Racial bias or not, transit funding formula must change

By now you may have heard that two minority CTA riders filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday alleging that racial bias favoring white transit riders over minorities has resulted in a transit funding formula that benefits Metra over the CTA. A Metra spokesperson said the agency “categorically denies any type of racial discrimination,” and questions the... Read more »

Brown Line expansion finished -- on time and on budget!

We criticize the CTA plenty around here. So when they deserve praise, I don’t mind giving it to them. And I think they deserve a big round of applause for completing the Brown Line expansion project on time and on budget. This week the new elevators at Fullerton and Belmont opened, more or less officially... Read more »

New Year's Tweets: Open toe shoes, shedding sequins, wine in water bottle

With penny rides enticing partiers, it was a busy New Year’s Eve on the CTA last week. And the Twitter traffic bears that out. I monitored all Tweets mentioning the CTA that night, and here I’ve grabbed screen caps on the most interesting. So we get to relive our partying through Twitter.

CTA takes another step forward to "open fare system" with smart debit, credit cards

The CTA will cut costs and generate more revenue by switching to fare collection via “smart” debit and credit, a CTA officials told Chicago aldermen this week. “If we’re able to implement something like that, we can bundle everything together — your parking, your CTA riding,” said Eva-Dina Delgado, the CTA’s chief development officer. “If... Read more »

Protest rally set for Wednesday's CTA board meeting on "criminal and racist" budget

The CTA’s transit workers unions are planning a rally at the CTA’s West Loop headquarters from 10 am till noon during the agency’ Wednesday board meeting. The notice of the rally states: “On Nov. 12, the CTA Board passed a criminal and racist budget for next year that includes massive layoffs and services cuts. 2,000... Read more »