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Alderman funds new CTA heat shelters, benches in Rogers Park

Red Line riders in Rogers Park will find more creature comforts this winter with the addition of heat shelters and benches at the Jarvis, Morse and Loyola Red Line stations. Citizens voted earlier this year in the 49th Ward’s Participatory Budgeting process to fund the extra amenities. And Alderman Joe Moore has been working with... Read more »

"Stroller mom" sues CTA for $100,000

A Rogers Park woman is suing the CTA for $100,000 in damages for the stroller incident at the Morse Red Line station last November. In that incident, she claims the stroller in which her 22-month-old daughter was seated was trapped in closing rail car doors, dragged to the edge of the platform, finally depositing her... Read more »

Fryin' the L? Bike tossed on third rail causes fire, stops Red Line

From the CTA news of the weird file comes this story from late last week: CTA Red Line trains were stopped for about 30 minutes by a fire on the tracks early Friday morning, just north of the Morse station. The Sun-Times story reported that “a bicycle fell or was thrown or somehow ended up... Read more »