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Marketers think CTA riders want to get away

Marketing pros think they know CTA riders well — they would rather be anywhere else than that bus or train, especially if it’s out of town. Or so it seems with the spate of ad campaigns for out-or-town venues recently aimed at CTA customers. Earlier this year, it was Montana, beckoning us with “Miles magnificent”... Read more »

Most incongruent ad award on the CTA goes to . . .

…. the state of Montana for its current CTA train campaign. Breathtaking photos of mountaintops, Yellowstone Park and majestic rams roaming valleys festoon the entire rail car, including the ceiling. They all beckon downtrodden city dwellers, weary of their daily CTA commute, to come visitmt.com. Panoramic photos of fishermen in thigh-high boots boast of the... Read more »