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CTA notes good progress made on accessibility; still more work to do

The CTA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act this week by noting the strides it has made in making public transit accessible. But there is more work to do. The act was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush, ensuring the civil rights of people with disabilities. The legislation... Read more »

Vote for your choice on the CTA Red Purple Modernization project

Take a moment to vote for your preference on the Red Purple Modernization alternatives. I took the liberty of excluding the “No Action” alternative because that’s just dumb. Read details about Modernization with Station Consolidation. Read details about Modernization without Station Consolidation. Basic Rehab with Transfer Stations means strategic repairs to reach the most basic... Read more »

Details on Red Purple Modernization with station consolidations

Here are the details on Modernization with some station Consolidations: On the Purple Line (see map in gallery): The Foster and South Boulevard stations would be closed, or “consolidated” in CTA-speak. New auxiliary entrances would open at Gaffield (Noyes), Church (Davis), Greenwood (Dempster), and Madison (Main). 16 of 20 slow curves would be straightened. New... Read more »

New Red-Purple choices: No subway, modernization with and without station closings

Feb. 7: The CTA updated the alternatives for the currently unfunded Red Purple Modernization project.
Forget about a new subway north of Addison. But station closings are still possible as part of the revised CTA’s Red Purple Modernization plans. Where once there were six alternatives, three of them have been eliminated, and a fourth one added basic on public input from meetings last year. The CTA this week held two... Read more »

Details on Red Purple Modernization without station consolidation

Here are the details on Modernization without Consolidation This is the new alternative, no doubt a reaction to a big outcry from Rogers Park residents who oppose the closing of the Jarvis station. On the Purple Line (see map in gallery): Three new auxiliary entrances would be added at Church (Davis), Greenwood (Dempster), and Madison... Read more »

CTA: Red Line rehab work is interim "facelift" - not part of Red-Purple project

This afternoon I got a note from a CTA media spokesperson further clarifying the nature of the seven-station Red Line rehab project I reported on yesterday. “The work outlined in the RFP is intended to be a life extension/interim-facelift project aimed at improving service and enhancing rider experience until a long-term solution is determined. The... Read more »

Claypool hopes for "full-blown" bus rapid transit project on Western Ave.

Here’s the last installment of my interview with CTA President Forrest Claypool. View the other two recaps here and here. A few of my readers have asked about better service coordination with the CTA’s RTA partners, Metra rail and Pace bus systems. Claypool said he has a good relationship with RTA Chairman John Gates, and... Read more »

News pickup: End to free rides for all; IG gets authority over all transit boards, employees

Some transit news items for this week.End to free rides for all seniors. Gov. Pat Quinn finally signed into law a bill that would end free transit rides for all senior citizens. Only those seniors who qualify for the state’s Circuit Breaker aid program now will get free rides. Those income limits are: $27,610 for... Read more »

CTA Red-Purple Line alternatives: Wealth of choices with some sacrifice

The CTA officially unveiled six alternatives for the Red-Purple Line Modernization Project last week at four public meetings held in the neighborhoods that would feel the impact of the huge project. The project has the potential for affecting millions of riders on the heavily traveled stretch of the Red Line between Belmont and Howard, and... Read more »

Poll: Which modernization alternative do you support?

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