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Metra loses monthly pass advantage over CTA with fare hike

With the average Metra fare increasing about 30% effective Wednesday, the transit agency is losing its big advantage over the CTA in pricing on monthly passes. That’s particularly true at stations closer to downtown Chicago. Take Rogers Park, for instance. I can remember a number of my friends and neighbors saying they were switching to... Read more »

News roundup: Metra vs. CTA at Sox Park; CDOT seeks input for South Side transit study

In other news: Architect’s rendering of new Metra station at 35th Street and the Dan Ryan on the Rock Island line. Metra’s Opening Day for Sox Park station. Metra this week opened its newest station at 35th Street, just east of the Dan Ryan Expressway and White Sox park. Since Metra and the CTA are... Read more »

CTA's Brown Line rehab was a dream compared to Metra's jinxed UP North project

We’ve been known to criticize the CTA when they deserve it. Now after reading about the fiasco around the Metra Union Pacific North Line bridge rebuilding project, I want to give the CTA some props. Late last year the CTA finished the $530 million Brown Line expansion project. It took many years and lots of... Read more »

Metra commute sounds alarmingly like some CTA rides

I don’t usually feature stories about Metra, but there’s always an exception. And this one continues the theme from last week: CTA looks great compared to some other city transit systems. (Photo from nlfan.com) This story from Lisa about her commute to Joliet has many key elements that we’ve complained about with the CTA —... Read more »

True confessions: Why she's thrilled to switch from Metra to CTA

A friend of mine recently switched back to the CTA from the Metra after a recent move made it more convenient to commute via the CTA. And she likes the CTA much better! She rode the Metra for about three years, dating back to when the CTA three-tracking project added 10-15 minutes to commutes on... Read more »

Bus Tracker guides passengers home from stuck Metra train

When a Metra train was stuck behind a broken-down freight train late on a Tuesday night, it was CTA Bus Tracker that eventually got many of stuck passengers to their destination. The story is well-told by Matt Maldre at his spudart blog. Here’s a very quick synopsis: It was the Metra conductor who suggested the... Read more »

Tales from the Metra commute

Well, it took them long enough, but someone finally is writing a Metra blog, more or less modeled after CTA Tattler. Actually, the Tales from the Commute blog is only stories about things that author Bob Burnham sees on his 1.5-hour Metra commute from Bartlett. No news yet. And he doesn’t seem to post very... Read more »