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How I became an extra on the CTA filming of "Little Fockers"

Emily passed along this fun story: On Thursday night, Oct 8th, a friend and I went to go see The Decemberists at the Riviera, which was an amazing show, and then we had a few drinks afterward. All of a sudden I realized it was 1:35am (Yikes!) and I decided to walk him home to walk off... Read more »

Those "Little Fockers" stars just love the Sheridan stop

Here’s a note I got last night from Jason T. And yes Jason, ChicagoNow’s Breaking Tweets Chicago was all over it: I bet everyone’s tweeting about it, but tonight after midnight, the filming of “Little Fockers” in the “Meet the Parents” franchise with Ben Stiller and Robert Deniro was filming in the Sheridan CTA station... Read more »