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Violent crime on CTA dropped 19% in 2012

Robberies and aggravated battery incidents reported on the CTA in 2012 were down by 21 percent and nearly 12 percent respectively compared to 2011, the CTA reports.The total reduction for those violent crimes was 19 percent. On the down side, thefts were up almost 16 percent over 2011, “much of that attributable to thefts of... Read more »

Top 10 cities for cellphone theft? Chicago doesn't even make the list

Mashable.com infographic.
Amid reports that the theft of cellphones on the CTA rose 16 percent in the first nine month of this year, you might think that Chicago ranks high on the list of U.S. cities for lost or stolen cellphones. But you would be wrong. Philadelphia is No. 1, according to a Mashable infographic, with Seattle,... Read more »

CTA cameras boost arrests this year; thefts up, but robberies down

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The increased use of surveillance cameras at all rail stations and platforms this year has resulted in more arrests this year, CTA officials say. However, thefts have risen 16 percent in the first nine months this year, the Tribune reports. The good news is that robberies are down, though it’s hard to pinpoint by how... Read more »

Cops, Guardian Angels, phone app combine to nab CTA iPhone thieves

Chicago police with the help of some Guardian Angels and Apple’s Find My iPhone app today arrested two suspects in a Red Line robbery early Tuesday. A woman on the Red Line after midnight Tuesday said four teenagers attacked her from behind and grabbed her iPhone, racing off the train at the Chicago stop. She... Read more »

Good lessons here: How CTA theft victim got thugs arrested

A woman’s iPhone is stolen from her at gunpoint on a platform at the Red Line. The two teenaged thugs make a getaway on the next train out. Ho hum. Another CTA robbery. But no, this was much different. The alleged perpetrators were caught and arrested, because the victim did all the right things.  And... Read more »

CTA on Paper: An "early rejecter" vs. techno slave

"Where technology takes over your physical and mental processes so you can be more effectively controlled by corporate interests."
Our series CTA on Paper continues with two new drawings by artist Susan Wise. The first depicts a rare find: a high school student she saw on the Red Line who was holding something other than a smartphone! This teen resonated with her because Susan was like this at her age — always drawing something.... Read more »

Apple app MobileMe will find your lost/stolen iPhone

A big CTA Tattler hat tip to KevinForsyth, who tweeted this tip to @ctatattler: Tip # 5: Use a locator app like MobileMe. My iPhone was stolen in a break-in last year and ~1 hour later cops had him in custody. *************************Follow CTA Tattler at my new Twitter page. Post your Crazy Commuting Story on... Read more »

Murder puts CTA iPhone thefts on Page 1

Unfortunately, it took the tragic murder of an innocent 68-year-old woman for the city’s major media outlets to focus any attention on the big smartphone theft problem on the CTA. I’ve been writing about the big jump in thefts on the CTA for a year. I’ve been telling folks for a year about what they... Read more »

CTA haikus: Toward becoming unglued to our iPhones

Here’s another in our series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb. glued to your iPhonehow can I smile at youif you won’t look up Chicago haiku no. 32 | November 2010 I’ve written before about how people need to pay more attention to their surroundings to avoid becoming victims. Someone became a victim this week... Read more »

CTA blotter: Deacon dies after push at Fullerton station; purse snatchings on #55 Garfield bus

It’s already been a bad week for crime on the CTA. Sally Katona-King, murdered at Fullerton station A 68-year-old woman died Tuesday after being pushed down the steps at the Fullerton L station by a doofus thug trying to escape with the iPhone he had just snatched. A CTA bus driver and four passengers were... Read more »