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CTA blotter: Deacon dies after push at Fullerton station; purse snatchings on #55 Garfield bus

It’s already been a bad week for crime on the CTA. Sally Katona-King, murdered at Fullerton station A 68-year-old woman died Tuesday after being pushed down the steps at the Fullerton L station by a doofus thug trying to escape with the iPhone he had just snatched. A CTA bus driver and four passengers were... Read more »

Brown Line expansion finished -- on time and on budget!

We criticize the CTA plenty around here. So when they deserve praise, I don’t mind giving it to them. And I think they deserve a big round of applause for completing the Brown Line expansion project on time and on budget. This week the new elevators at Fullerton and Belmont opened, more or less officially... Read more »