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Dan Ryan job like “ripping off the Band-Aid,” says Claypool

Dan Ryan job like “ripping off the Band-Aid,” says Claypool
CTA President Forrest Claypool sat down with a few transit-oriented bloggers today for a wide-ranging conversation about ridership trends, slow zones and what Bus Rapid Transit will look like in Chicago. Since the various Red Line projects are in the news these days, we’ll start with that. Stand by for other topics in future posts.... Read more »

Yes, President Claypool does ride the CTA home from work

CTA President Forrest Claypool rides the Brown Line home from work last week. Photo by Cheryl for CTA Tattler
If he wasn’t the president of the Chicago Transit Authority, he would just be another guy on the Brown Line checking his email on the way home from work. But yes, it is Forrest Claypool. And I think he better pay more attention to his surroundings lest someone snatch that phone out of his hand.... Read more »

Claypool hopes for "full-blown" bus rapid transit project on Western Ave.

Here’s the last installment of my interview with CTA President Forrest Claypool. View the other two recaps here and here. A few of my readers have asked about better service coordination with the CTA’s RTA partners, Metra rail and Pace bus systems. Claypool said he has a good relationship with RTA Chairman John Gates, and... Read more »

Claypool: Create operating efficiencies; "focus on new ways of doing things"

CTA President Forrest Claypool wants his top managers and their departments to work together to create more operating efficiencies. He’s also demanding new ideas “so we’re not doing things based on old ways.” These were two common themes from Claypool in an exclusive interview with CTA Tattler earlier this month. This is the first in... Read more »

Last chance: Share questions you want to ask CTA president

Here’s your last chance to tell me what questions you would like to ask CTA President Forrest Claypool. As noted last week, CTA Tattler will interview Claypool later this week. I want to make sure your voice is represented. So fire away in comments with thoughtful questions you would like to ask.

CTA's Claypool sharpens his budget ax, whacks 54 non-union jobs

CTA President Forrest Claypool After being on the job for a scant six weeks, CTA President Forrest Claypool already has cut 54 non-union jobs, saving about $7.6 million in salaries and benefits. And that’s just a start. Claypool yesterday announced a total budget whack of $15 million annualized.  And of those 54 jobs cut, 26... Read more »

Claypool shares ideas on luring new CTA riders, fixing budget problems, BRT

CTA President Forrest Claypool hinted at his own priorities for his first months on the job during an interview with the Tribune published Monday. Though Claypool was a little coy and careful not to criticize the previous CTA president, he did touch on many of the issues we wrote about yesterday and that you noted... Read more »

What Claypool's top priorities should be for his first 100 days at the CTA helm

New CTA President Forrest Claypool Welcome to the CTA, President Forrest Claypool. Congrats to you too, Mayor Emanuel. I wish you both the best. There’s plenty for Claypool to do at the CTA, and his first order of business is to get to know his management team and understand CTA’s day-to-day and long-term financial picture,... Read more »

Rahm stands by his transit team, vows cross-agency cooperation

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel addresses a 49th Ward Democratic Party meeting. (CTA Tattler photo) Before a packed house in Rogers Park, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel on Monday night defended both the CTA and his new transit team, and promised more interagency cooperation among the CTA, Metra and Pace. “Those day are over where the various transit agencies... Read more »

Rahm finds CTA leaders here; time will tell if they stay - and succeed

(Image from WTTW-Chicago) Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel went to Rochester, N.Y., and Denver to find his new top leaders for Chicago Public Schools. But he didn’t have to go very far to fill the top positions at the Chicago Transit Authority. They were right under his nose. And in fact, CTA Board Chairman Terry Peterson is... Read more »