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Six years and counting on the CTA beat for the Tattler

Today marks my sixth anniversary of blogging about things seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority — with plenty of news thrown in. And I’ve been with ChicagoNow for just over a year. I always like to note this date to thank you readers for inspiring me to keep it going. Your contributions and... Read more »

Gov. Quinn's ill-advised bailout; unions keep pressure on CTA

Instead of fixing a broken transit funding mechanism, Gov. Quinn is just postponing the inevitable by borrowing money to prevent CTA fare hikes. And as I mentioned last week, it’s not at all surprising given this is an election year. As the Tribune noted in a scathing editorial Thursday, this is not doing anyone any... Read more »

With last-minute cash from Quinn, CTA budget meeting won't be all doom and gloom

The CTA board is set to approve the 2010 budget at a 10 am meeting today, and thanks to sleight of hand by Gov. Quinn, the meeting and budget won’t be as big a downer as once thought. No big fare hikes, but still service cuts remain for now, and with those cuts come 1,100... Read more »

After lawmakers fail to act, CTA inches closer to fare hikes, service cuts

Share The spineless state legislators refused to even let the free rides repeal bill out of committee, so the CTA is now just over three months away. While the $25 million that might have been saved had the free rides law been repealed would not have solved the budget problems, the failure to act sent... Read more »

How CTA fare hike affects different rider profiles

The Trib’s Getting Around columnist, Jon Hilkevitch, in Monday’s column told us: “Many riders have taken a second look at how they pay their way aboard buses and trains since a fare hike this year and the elimination of popular bonuses when value was added to CTA “smart cards” and the end of discounts given... Read more »