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9 most annoying things on CTA trains

Sometimes, our fellow CTA passengers are just plain annoying. Here’s what they do to bug us. Wide-spread legs man: He takes up almost two seats because he needs so much room to air out his junk. Just close your legs, man! Screaming cellers: It’s bad enough they are talking on their phones on the L.... Read more »

Sleeping beauties: Why you couldn't get a seat on the Red Line Tuesday

Seen at 8:50 a.m. on the southbound Red Line. Perhaps it’s why you couldn’t get a seat on the Red Line Tuesday morning. Photographer Brendan reports that he did inform the motorman, since these sleeping beauties were in the first car. Have you ever awakened a sleeping passenger taking more than one seat so that... Read more »

Photos show dirty CTA rail cars

The Hobo Corner has become the Trash Corner. (CTA Tattler photos)
I had been collecting photos of dirty CTA “L” train cars over the last couple of weeks before the Chicago Tribune posted its story on dirty rail cars. I chalked it up to the extreme cold for the lack of maintenance. All the photos here were taken on the Red Line after I boarded going... Read more »

Be more polite: CTA cellphone etiquette - what NOT to do

Here’s another in an occasional series where I document how CTA passengers could be more polite. Today’s topic is cellphone etiquette, and the lack of it by my fellow riders. In the last 18 months, the use of smartphones by passengers on the CTA has become so prevalent that now it’s rare NOT to see... Read more »

Be more polite: A little help please for wheelchair-bound passenger?

This marks the first post in an occasional series where I document incidences where CTA riders could be more polite. ——————————– We’re southbound on the Red Line. Two guys are sitting in the flip-up seat for wheelchairs by the exit, furiously working their phones. At Granville, a passenger in a wheelchair boards and with the help... Read more »

A picture is worth 1,000 words - especially on public transit

Crack in the crack.
Anyone who has ridden public transit for awhile has seen some bizarre things. Here we have some photographic evidence of same compiled by BuzzFeed. Head over there for even more photos.

Harlem Shake on CTA shakes up disabled and senior riders

Thumbnail image for 'Harlem Shake on CTA shakes up disabled and senior riders'
After ABC7 Chicago aired  a report about the Harlem Shake being performed on the CTA, a blog for people with disabilities warned that passengers should be cautious of  “flash mobs.” “We that use the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) as our transportation should be concerned of “The Harlem Shake” on our buses and trains,” noted the... Read more »

Here's a tip: Don't kiss CTA train window

Photo by Claire Zulkey via WBEZ.org.
I’ve seen lots of gross personal behavior on the CTA, such as nail clipping and public urination. But here’s a new one. Someone decided to kiss a train window. With fresh lipstick. Hat tip / total ripoff from Claire Zulkey and her WBEZ blog. Thanks, Claire!  

CTA tries for a truce in "stroller wars," will asks parents to fold 'em on crowded buses

Oct. 15: CTA tries for a truce in "stroller wars," will asks parents to fold 'em on crowded buses. (Image from She Knows Parenting: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/812211/umbrella-stroller-showdown)
In response to rider complaints, the CTA soon will ask folks with strollers to fold them up on crowded buses so others can board. CTA President Forrest Claypool noted at last week’s board meeting that he’s heard complaints from both riders and drivers on the issue.  “I’m very happy to be making a concerted effort... Read more »

How do you engage in "profiling" behavior while riding the CTA?

July 1: CTA Green Line gets new Series 5000 rail cars. (Photo by Max T-M)
In a New York Times Magazine letter to The Ethicist columnist, a white reader frets that he may be guilty of “racial profiling” because he sits next to a black passenger on the Long Island Rail Road, figuring the guy will exit at Jamaica Station – thus allowing him to slide into a preferred window... Read more »