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Why you should not attempt to board while doors are closing

Why you should not attempt to board while doors are closing
After a “stroller mom” shoved her stroller-bound baby into closing train doors, and the train took off with the baby and stroller, the CTA began requiring rail operators to make the additional announcement: “Please do no attempt to board, doors are closing.” But today I learned the announcement was not just to keep babies from... Read more »

Motorman apologizes for abrupt train announcement

The “L” doors opened at Morse and the commuting masses piled on. And as usual, the motorman abruptly and loudly announced: “Attention passengers, please do not attempt to board — doors are closing — and sorry about that!” I didn’t see but I suspect he startled a late-boarding passenger. In case you missed it, here’s... Read more »

Rail operators now required to make extra "doors closing" announcement

Though we suspected it, we’ve now confirmed it: The CTA is requiring its motormen to issue an additional manual announcement before closing the train doors. Since Dec. 31, all rail operators have been instructed to make the following announcement over the public address system, said a CTA spokesperson: “Attention customers: Please do not attempt to... Read more »