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Look to CTA Tweet for info on emergencies, service outages

Brown and Purple Line trains were delayed by about 25 minutes at the height of the morning rush when a fire was reported on the third rail near the Sedgwick station. Those of you who were monitoring the Tattler’s CTA Tweet feed on Twitter today knew about the problems right away, and some of you... Read more »

The new journalism: Collaborative effort tweets crucial info on Saturday Red Line subway closure

New media (Twitter) and old media (newspaper coverage and phone calls) converged Saturday to provide CTA riders with up-to-the-minute news about the Red Line subway closure. It was at 11:42 am Saturday that the first CTA Tweet went out about problems on the Red Line. Punkcoder reported good stuff that CTA Tweet retweeted immediately: “RT... Read more »

Need CTA alerts on delays, service outages? Follow us at Twitter

If you’re visiting CTA Tattler today for the first time after reading today’s Tribune story, welcome! Follow CTA Tattler’s Twitter alerts — CTA Tweet — here. Get the back story here on what we’re doing — and by “we” I really mean my brother Dan, creator of the CTA alerts system.

Breaking news when you need it: Toward a better CTA Tweet

Guest post by Dan O’Neil. In September of last year I launched CTA Tweet along with Harper Reed. When I wrote about the system on the CTA Tattler, I warned that it might be lame. That lameness definitely came to pass, and over the last few weeks I’ve made some changes that I think make... Read more »