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Chess game begins on CTA budget; let your voice be heard

The CTA has played the opening gambit in what could be a long chess game. There’s still much more chess to be played. This game is not over. For openers, the CTA announced last week that it had found $122 million of the $300 million needed to plug the 2010 budget gap. Then Monday, the... Read more »

No service cuts or further fare increase this year for CTA

This just in: CTA to Balance Budget Without Service Cuts or Fare Increase. Tribune story here. Look for more later from CTA Tattler.

Advice to the CTA on how to make $35 million in cuts

The RTA board today confirmed that reduced tax revenues blows another $35 million hole in the CTA’s budget this year. So, what should the CTA do? First and foremost, listen to and consider its customers. Us. And I like what I’ve heard so far from President Richard Rodriguez on that front: “We have to take... Read more »

CTA girding for a new $35 million whack; service cuts loom

The CTA is facing $35 million in service cuts due to a sharp reduction in tax revenues caused by the recession, the Tribune reports. CTA President Richard Rodriguez told the RTA “that riders could expect roughly a 5 percent reduction in service for each $10 million in new funding cuts,” according to the news report. Ouch.... Read more »