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A Red Line study in contrasts: Bible reader and imbibers enroute to Sox Park

On the super-crowded, delayed Red Line train en route to the Sox game Saturday, we saw a study in contrasts. A 40-year-old guy studies the book of Leviticus in the Bible. While a few feet away, two 20-somethings imbibe Miller Lite tall boys encased in brown paper bags. Next to them, a mom and teenage... Read more »

The new journalism: Collaborative effort tweets crucial info on Saturday Red Line subway closure

New media (Twitter) and old media (newspaper coverage and phone calls) converged Saturday to provide CTA riders with up-to-the-minute news about the Red Line subway closure. It was at 11:42 am Saturday that the first CTA Tweet went out about problems on the Red Line. Punkcoder reported good stuff that CTA Tweet retweeted immediately: “RT... Read more »

Trash fire at Clark/Division shuts Red Line subway

A fire that may have started due to trash on the tracks has closed the Red Line subway. Trains are being diverted to the elevated tracks from Fullerton to Cermak/22nd Street. No passengers were injured or involved. Check CTA Tweet for more on this. We’re all over it. Also, see the CTA Tweet on this... Read more »