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CTA responding to customer tweets in impressive fashion so far

Clean map after CTA responded to the Tweeted graffiti-ridden system map.
As I mentioned Monday, the CTA is still finding its way on Twitter. And that’s fine. Experience is a good teacher on Twitter. The CTA learned from a survey that its followers want info on ALL service alerts, not just minor ones. So it switched gears and now gives followers what it wants. And the... Read more »

CTA still finding its way on Twitter

UPDATE, 7 p.m. Nov. 7: The CTA announced via Twitter today: “You told us you wanted more info—we listened: We’ll soon begin feeding more alerts (not just major) through @cta (Keep the feedback coming!)” Original Post: Since the CTA launched its Twitter account last Tuesday, it has garnered almost 2,500 followers. Yet on Facebook, there... Read more »

CTA community for ideas, comments lags behind Facebook, Twitter

It’s been just two days since the CTA beefed up its social media presence with accounts on Twitter and Facebook, email and text service updates, and a separate online community where registered users can post comments on the 2012 budgets and other ideas. At 8 a.m. today, @CTA on Twitter had  around 2,000 followers, and... Read more »

CTA formally enters world of social media with a bang today

The CTA is going “all-in” – finally – on the social media front starting today, with the debut of its Facebook page and Twitter account @CTA, among other customer connection tools. The transit agency’s strategy is for the “social media tools [to] be used to provide customers with timely service information, agency and system news,... Read more »

Breaking news when you need it: Toward a better CTA Tweet

Guest post by Dan O’Neil. In September of last year I launched CTA Tweet along with Harper Reed. When I wrote about the system on the CTA Tattler, I warned that it might be lame. That lameness definitely came to pass, and over the last few weeks I’ve made some changes that I think make... Read more »