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Headed to Lollapalooza? Take the CTA for one less hassle

If you’re going to Lollapalooza this weekend, the CTA really is your best best for getting there without the hassles of crowded highways, streets and parking garages. Of course, the trains and buses will be crowded, but that’s half the fun – enjoying the camaraderie with your fellow Lolla fans. And the CTA tries to... Read more »

Lollapalooza reroutes anger CTA riders on #14 Jeffrey Express

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Riders were angrily calling for a CTA supervisor after waiting  more than an hour for a #14 Jeffrey Express bus. According to the YouTube narrative by Filmtress Tv, some people had to walk miles because reroutes for the bus were not posted along the route. The CTA noted on its website that the bus would... Read more »

Lollapalooza tops a busy weekend -- here's the 411 on how the CTA can get you there and elsewhere

Summer weekends in Chicago are always busy, and this weekend is no exception. Actually, it IS an exception because this weekend is exceptionally busy: Lollapalooza in Grant Park. Bud Billiken Parade on the South Side. White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians. Chicago Bears Family Day at Soldier Field. Iowa Cubs playing Sunday at Wrigley Field. And... Read more »