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Details on added CTA rail service; 2 electric buses added to fleet

As part of its 2015 budget announcement, the CTA noted it was adding trains to rush hour service on some lines. Here are the details. Some extra service already has been added in the last month. On September 29, additional rush-period service was added on the Red, Brown and Purple Lines: Red Line: 2 AM... Read more »

No fare increase, more rush hour trains - CTA 2015 budget

The CTA today released a proposed budget for 2015 that holds the line on fares and adds trains at rush hour on four of the agency’s eight rail lines. Under the $1.44 billion budget, the CTA is expecting rail ridership to grow by more than 2 million rides over this year. And it will add... Read more »

To the CTA: Raise fares to fund rail expansion, major rehab

The CTA should raise fares by a quarter next year – and keep doing it till they have funded all their capital needs. Just as Metra is doing. As long as we continue to have a paralyzed, do-nothing federal government, it will be impossible to get the kind of funding from the Feds that the... Read more »

CTA 2014 budget: No fare hike or service cuts

The CTA’s 2014 budget calls for no fare increases or service cuts. That’s good news. The total operating budget is $1.38 billion, about $44 million more than the forecast 2013 budget of $1.34 billion. The budget plan also includes the following capital improvements projects scheduled to start next year: The $240 million 95th Street terminal.... Read more »

Two unusual new CTA rail vendors: prime ticket reseller, senior services center

We’re used to getting coffee, donuts, sandwiches and newspapers at vendor shops renting in CTA rail stations. Now for something completely different at Addison on the Red Line and Central on the Purple: a company selling tickets to concerts, sporting events and theater shows, plus a non-profit offering support services such as information, advocacy and... Read more »

State cuts in reduced-fare program squeeze CTA budget

A 50 percent cut in the amount the state distributes to the CTA to compensate for the reduced-fare program will cost the transit agency almost $14 million through next June. And that could result in new fare increases or reduced service, according to a Tribune story. The state funded the reduced-fare program by a total... Read more »

O'Hare workers ride free while CTA works out glitch on pass distribution

Here’s a quick update on the CTA O’Hare fare snafu for employees at the airport boarding at the Blue Line terminus. More background here. From the Tribune: Several thousand airline employees and other workers at O’Hare International Airport are being allowed to board CTA Blue Line trains at the airport rail station for free through... Read more »

CTA redoubles efforts to clean buses

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The CTA recently developed “more stringent criteria” for bus cleaning, resulting in more frequent “deep cleanings,” according to the Going Public column in the Tribune. The accompanying Tribune video gives a great snapshot at how the cleanings are done. Since the Going Public column is protected behind a pay wall, here’s some detail from the... Read more »

CTA pass increases lead to lower revenue

After the CTA raised prices for all of its passes in January, the transit agency is now reporting that revenue is about 2.5 percent less than budgeted, according to the Sun-Times. CTA President Forrest Claypool told the CTA’s board today that riders are switching to pay-as-you-go and away from passes. The seven-day pass increased 22... Read more »

CTA pass increases had greater impact on minority, low-income riders

A federally mandated analysis has verified something we all pretty much just assumed — that low-income and minority customers were the most impacted by the CTA’s recent increase in prices for passes. A survey by the CTA found that minorities and poor people pay fares with cash or use one-day passes and seven-day passes at... Read more »