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Strange happenings aboard the Politeness Bus

Cheryl shared her story about a ride on Politeness Bus this week. Be sure and share your Crazy Commuting Tales too. Cheryl’s story: I managed to catch the Politeness Bus today. Which is much cooler than the Santa train, btw. Young people jumped up and offered their seats to everyone who looked to be over... Read more »

Overheard on the #66: Strange reasons to prefer McDonald's

Thanks to Umali for sharing this Crazy Commuting Tale: “Overheard on the #66 Chicago” (Spoken to no one in particular, without preamble, and appropos of nothing) Cuz when a man walk into Burger King, a woman treat him like a king. Then another man walk in, and…. well, it don’t do for men to be... Read more »

Tales from the front: Opera on 151; teddy bear man

Here are some snippets about the CTA experience from friends and family: “There is a man singing opera on the 151 and I must say he is quite talented.” — Posted on Facebook by ChicagoNow’s Tracy Schmidt. “There is a grown man on the Purple Line working on his PDA clutching a raggedy old teddy... Read more »