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CTA gets smart, moves bus "Go Lane" reader to the farebox

The CTA has given up on its five-year Go Lane “experiment” and is moving the card readers from the left side of the bus to a prominent spot on the farebox. (Photo from ChicagoBus.org) Starting with buses running out of the Forest Glen garage on the North Side, the CTA began moving the equipment on... Read more »

How to make your CTA smart card last at least four years

I asked for your tips on how you keep your Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus working for the full four years before it expires. And you responded big time with great ideas. The common thread is keeping the card in some kind of protective case. Also, check out this post from a year ago:... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: Union rally, Red Line wheelchair accident

Here’s some CTA news you may have missed over the weekend: Unions rally for CTA funding. CTA operators unions were joined by union colleagues from the city and from around the country Saturday in a rally against the CTA service cuts. Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH led the rally, calling for more federal funding... Read more »

Check your Chicago Card expiration date -- 60,000 to expire this year

The CTA warns those who bought their Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus four years ago that the card will expire this year. There are almost 60,000 cards that will expire beginning in April and through the end of the year. Riders who registered their Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus users will be notified... Read more »