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Be more polite: CTA cellphone etiquette - what NOT to do

Here’s another in an occasional series where I document how CTA passengers could be more polite. Today’s topic is cellphone etiquette, and the lack of it by my fellow riders. In the last 18 months, the use of smartphones by passengers on the CTA has become so prevalent that now it’s rare NOT to see... Read more »

Fantasies about jamming cellphones on public transit

When I have to listen to a woman whine about her boyfriend, or some guy bitching about his fantasy football team, I sometimes wish I could just shut off the phones or jam the network. A guy on a Philadelphia bus did just that, and more than once. And he boasted about it on a... Read more »

CTA to offer naming rights; Santa is riding the rails; and other items of note

The transit agency next week will issue a Request for Proposals for companies interested in naming rights to L stations, rail lines, bus routes, special services or events and retail space. We suspect Apple will be the first in line for rights to the North/Clybourn station. The stipulation for first naming rights was included in... Read more »

No! Do not eat chicken on the L or bus, despite TV ads

Recent ads for KFC crispy chicken suggest that public transit passengers can silence the loud, obnoxious celler by biting loudly into a chicken finger. The TV commercial even shows a hip young couple passing a box of chicken back and forth across the aisle of a rail car. No! Please, don’t do it! Don’t even... Read more »

iPhone users exult! AT&T service finally available in subways

Some friends and I just noticed this week that AT&T cell and data service are finally available in the CTA’s Red and Blue line subway. The CTA signed a 10-year contract in June guaranteeing $3.1 million in revenue. And now finally more than seven months later, iPhone users and other AT&T customers can finally access... Read more »

T-Mobile flubs sweet marketing effort on subway service

On my way home tonight, I was handed a small bag of M&Ms by a nice young lady outside the Grand/State subway station. The bag said: Now arriving on the “L” Service available on thered and blue lines The treat’s on us That’s it. Seems rather cryptic. Except, since I’m the CTA Tattler, I know... Read more »

T-Mobile service finally debuts in subway; winning ideas in Trib's CTA contest

T-Mobile customers got service last Friday in the subways after waiting a couple of months since the August announcement by the CTA of a deal by the cellular carrier. The CTA will earn $3.1 million on the T-Mobile deal. AT&T customers with their iPhones have been waiting since June for service. I haven’t heard that... Read more »

A little courtesy please? "Don't yell on your cell"

CTA President Rich Rodriguez didn’t like what he saw — and heard — on his tours of the CTA system: People talking loudly on their cell phones. So he determined that a friendly reminder about cell phone courtesy was needed. As a result, Rodriguez and the CTA now want to remind you to stop yelling... Read more »