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Green Line CTA station opens at Cermak; Blue Line rehab gets more dough

A new station opened Sunday near McCormick Place on the Green Line, and the CTA’s Your New Blue rehab project got $120 million in federal funds on Friday. Yes, it was a busy weekend for CTA watchers. The Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line station, which has been under construction for almost two years, fills what was... Read more »

CTA news pickup: Ventra smartphone tickets; Damen station closes for 9 weeks

Here are top CTA news items from the past week. Ventra mobile tickets coming next year. The CTA is investing $1.7 million to develop a smartphone app that also could be used on Metra and Pace. But this pay choice would not fulfill the state requirement of a universal fare system for the three Chicago-area transit... Read more »

Emanuel buffs CTA portfolio in advance of re-election bid

Ya know, with all these CTA projects underway or about to start, one might think there was an election looming around the bend. Oh yeah! The election for mayor of Chicago is Feb. 24, 2015. And yes, you gotta hand it to Mayor Emanuel – he’s been delivering on his CTA promises. Here are some... Read more »

CTA news pickup: O'Hare escalator repair scheduled; art at North-Damen station

Here’s what happened last week on the CTA. O’Hare escalator repair scheduled. The CTA announced that the escalator at the O’Hare Blue Line station should be repaired sometime next year. A Blue Line train jumped the track and went halfway up the escalator in March when the operator nodded off. The cost for repair is... Read more »

CTA's California Blue Line station to close Thursday for 6-week rehab

California Blue Line riders have just over 24 hours to “enjoy” their beloved station before the CTA shuts it down for a six-week rehab project. I use quotes around “enjoy” because the station itself looks every bit of 119 years old – the station was first opened on May 25, 1895. So this rehab is... Read more »

Damen, California CTA Blue Line riders to endure station closures this fall

Improved Western station plaza
Blue Line riders will be “California Dreamin’ ” this fall – dreaming about what the California station will look like on Oct. 16 when it reopens after six weeks of extensive rehab work starting Sept. 4. Damen riders, on the other hand, will have to do more walking on a winter’s day, as their Blue... Read more »

CTA slow zone report: Progress on Brown, Blue lines

Everyone hates CTA rail slow zones. Especially the CTA. Slow zones delay trains and cause people to complain. Slow zones are near the top of the list of complaints I get, and I’m sure for the CTA too. Fighting slow zones is a never-ending battle for the CTA, especially with a rail system more than... Read more »

CTA subway tunnel set for 4G wireless upgrade starting in November

The CTA has identified a company to upgrade wireless service in its subway tunnels to 4G and expects work to start by November. The CTA board is expected to approved the $27 million project this week The new service, which will take about a year to install, will replace the current 2G service in 22... Read more »

CTA video - March in review: Your New Blue

Thumbnail image for 'CTA video - March in review: Your New Blue'
Here’s a CTA video recapping the news from March. If you’re a Blue Line rider. There was big news Your New Blue: four-year, $492 million Blue Line rehab project Ventra transition to be completed by July 1 Train Tracker screen improvements: The CTA is rolling out updates to how train tracker signs display information, adding customer... Read more »

Video shows Blue Line O'Hare escalator crash; motorwoman nodded off previously

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the horrific surveillance video of the CTA Blue Line train as it barrels into the station, hits the bumper stop, and seems to be catapulted up the escalator. Meanwhile, the NTSB interviewed the train’s motorwoman today. She was very forthcoming, and admitted that recently she overshot... Read more »