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Switch to public transit from car and save $958 per month

Chicago commuters who switch from driving to riding public transportation can save, on average, $958 dollars per month, and $11,494 annually.   These savings are based on the cost of buying a monthly transit pass and factoring in local gas prices for Nov. 18  and the local monthly unreserved parking rate. I gave up my car... Read more »

Teenager charged with battery in videotaped assault of homeless man on CTA platform

The star of a homemade video that depicts him punching out a defenseless homeless man now finds himself in jail for the holidays. Scotty Strahan, 18, of Chicago turned himself in to police earlier this week and was charged with two counts of aggravated battery. his bond was set Thursday at $10.000, according to a... Read more »

Geek out on CTA gifts for family, friends this year

For all you CTA geeks – and those who may be looking for that unusual gift – the CTA Gift shop could be your one-stop shopping mecca. From CTA map bears to rail map umbrellas, the online shop has everything a CTA geek could ask for. I am partial to the retro messenger bag and... Read more »

Holiday Train makes its 2011 maiden voyage Friday on Green, Orange lines

Yes, there really are elves on the train.
The holiday season doesn’t open with the premature Black Friday sales on Thursday night. No, it starts at 3:07 pm Friday at the Midway station of the Orange Line when the first Holiday Train pulls out of the station. Here’s the general schedule: The CTA Holiday Train will operate on the Green Line and Orange... Read more »

CTA finishes early on installation of security cameras at every rail station

Mayor Rahm Emanuel greets CTA passengers after a press conference about announcing 78 more rail stations are now equipped with safety cameras. (Photo from Chicago Mayor's Office)
Chicago’s mayor, police superintendent and the CTA president joined together Monday to tout the early completion of the CTA’s effort to install surveillance cameras at all 144 rail stations. In all, 1,800 additional cameras were installed at 78 rail stations since June. Now there are more than 3,000 cameras monitoring all rail stations. Mayor Rahm... Read more »

Video: New CTA rail cars begin service on the Pink Line

Thumbnail image for 'Video: New CTA rail cars begin service on the Pink Line'
Here is the CTA’s video of the maiden voyage of the new Series 5000 passenger cars on the Pink Line last week. The video quotes passengers on what they like best about the new cars, including some giggling teenagers.

CTA union strikes back: "Finger-pointing" won't solve anything

Admittedly, before today, I’ve only reported the CTA’s side of the “antiquated work rules” that President Forrest Claypool says must change in upcoming union negotiations. So today it’s the union’s turn. Earlier this month, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 bought a full-page as in the Chicago Sun-Times to refute Claypool’s examples of some of... Read more »

Yes, President Claypool does ride the CTA home from work

CTA President Forrest Claypool rides the Brown Line home from work last week. Photo by Cheryl for CTA Tattler
If he wasn’t the president of the Chicago Transit Authority, he would just be another guy on the Brown Line checking his email on the way home from work. But yes, it is Forrest Claypool. And I think he better pay more attention to his surroundings lest someone snatch that phone out of his hand.... Read more »

CTA adjusts bus and rail service for Saturday's Mag Mile lights fest

The annual holiday tree lighting festival along Michigan Avenue late Saturday afternoon will affect many bus routes and schedules. But the CTA also will increase rail service for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Check the CTA Weekend Alerts for details.

CTA bus riders: Beware of that yellow line (the one on the floor)

Photo by diftorhehsmusma
Here’s a guest post by Tamara. Thanks Tamara! Twice in the past week I’ve witnessed a minor scuffle on the morning #134 Stockton LaSalle Express bus over the “yellow line” (NOT the one formerly known as the Skokie Swift, mind you.) This one particular CTA driver does not allow anyone to stand in front of... Read more »