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Another reason why we need "quiet cars" on CTA trains

Last week I suggested that we should have “quiet cars” on CTA trains. Some of you scoffed at the idea. I just want them so I can escape this insanity and stupidity of cellers: Yesterday a guy (loudly)  made two phone calls, but cut both of them short, screaming: “Well, I can’t talk to you... Read more »

Trapped on a train -- by an ex-co-worker

Trapped on a train -- by an ex-co-worker
The two women were catching up like two long-lost friends. They talked about their respective jobs and one’s upcoming wedding. Facebook updates. Upcoming dates. The two ex-co-workers promised to stay in touch. After the one left the Red Line, the other immediately got on the phone to another friend: “Do you know how you get... Read more »

Here's a tip: Don't share your credit card number with fellow riders

Hey lady, was that really smart to yell out your credit card number on your cell phone, including your three digit security code? What were you thinking? Maybe her thinking was clouded by her focus on getting a cigarette. A few minutes later her phone rang and she asked the caller: “Hey do you have... Read more »

Mom: Pay attention to your kids

As soon as the train doors opened at Thorndale, I heard the two kids wailing at each other. And they had very big mouths for such little kids — one was 2 and the other 3. Their Mom pushed them into the aisle-facing seat by the door, but the younger one had other ideas. He... Read more »