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Breakfast of champions on CTA's #80 bus

Found on a seat on the #80 Irving Park: one plastic bag containing: A crumpled Doritos bag A used Reese’s Cup package Two mangled Reese’s paper liners  No doubt, another fine breakfast for a high school student.

CTA passenger secures after-work refreshments

Overheard on the #80 Irving Park bus, from a large woman in her 40s screaming into her cell phone: “If there’s no beer when I get home I’m going to be really pissed off!” Then she hung up and promptly belched. Loudly. May you all find appropriate refreshments when you get home tonight and have... Read more »

St. Paddy partiers called out by driver on the #80 bus

The #80 crawled down Irving Park late on Saturday afternoon. Passengers ebbed and flowed on and off, the bus alternately crowding and spewing riders. Saturday there was a fairly large contingent of St. Paddy’s Day revelers, conspicuous in their green beads, sweaters and other accessories. As usual a knot of people crowded around the rear... Read more »