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CTA lists its key infrastructure improvements in 2010

Last week I wrote recaps of the CTA’s year in review, and the top stories of 2010. Now I figured I would give the CTA a chance to toot its own horn. They issued a press release last week listing the goals accomplished in 2010. Following are what the CTA calls its key infrastructure improvements... Read more »

Top 10 CTA stories of 2010

The No. 1 CTA story in 2010 is the 19% cut in bus service and 9% whack on rail service. Lack of expected tax revenue prompted the cuts. (Tribune photo)
It was another interesting year in CTA news, from service cuts to security cameras. Click on the slideshow below to see the CTA Tattler countdown of the Top 10 CTA stories of 2010. And Happy 2011 to all my faithful readers!

CTA year in review - Q4: Bad bus accident; CTA naming rights; fewer driver complaints

The Macy's Holiday Train? Maybe, as the CTA announced it was getting serious about naming rights for various agency properties and assets.
Here’s the final installment of CTA Tattler’s year in review, where we check out the hot news and zaniness from the last three months of the year. On Friday, we’ll recap the top stories of the year. October: The CTA added bus stop numbers to every bus stop sign so passengers could easily text Bus... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q3: Funds for BRT; some well-heeled seniors ride free; security camera leads to groping arrest

CTA Tattler continues its CTA year in review with news and notes from July, August and September. July: For the first time in many years, July 3 was just another day for the CTA, instead of the busiest day of the year. Chicago fireworks were moved from July 3 to three different sites on July... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q2: New rail cars, "train tracker," subway fire, CTA thefts

My CTA year in review continues with a look at what happened in April, May and June of 2010.April: This was a month of new technology introduced on the Chicago Transit Authority. Early in April the CTA rolled out “Train Tracker” at Brown Line stations. It still hasn’t worked out all the kinks and made... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q1: Service cuts, new cameras, strange CTA antics

This week I take a look at CTA in the news in 2010. Today, we review the first quarter of the year. January: The year starts with new ways to access Bus Tracker via text messages. And with  service cuts looming in February, the CTA tries to negotiate union givebacks. In the end, the union... Read more »

Last chance today for the CTA Holiday Train

The CTA shares this video with the reminder that today is the last day to ride the popular Holiday Train. It will be on the Yellow Line; here’s the schedule. Next week, whether you’re working or enjoying the holiday, visit CTA Tattler for a recap of CTA news and oddities from 2010.