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2009 CTA zanies - Q4: Scary bus fight (not CTA); vomit seat warning; don't mess with her

We close out 2009 with this look at crazy CTA stuff from the last three months of the year. October: My pal Tovi showed us a surprise among a mountain of bags. We covered the case of the stinky CD and the non-responsive driver. It didn’t happen on the CTA, but certainly it could have... Read more »

2009 CTA zanies - Q3: Annoying cellers and screamers; singing on the bus; stinky and obnoxious passengers

We continue our end-of year wrap-up of crazy stuff we saw or did on the CTA in 2009. Today, we look at July, August and September. July: There was a toss-up in “what’s more annoying” between the celling teen and the screaming senior citizen. More helicopter lifts disrupted bus routes. And we brought you the... Read more »

2009 CTA zanies - Q2: The 151 bus appears twice! Plus, the stoned celler, and a guy's onboard manicure

Today we look at crazy CTA Tattler tales from the second quarter of 2009. April: This story just seems to totally crazy. A woman who lost her wallet on the No. 151 bus actually got it back when the driver found it. And legislators rode creaky old buses to get an idea of the breadth... Read more »

2009 CTA zanies - Q1: Riders drop trou, a most explicit rant, clever bus wrap ideas

Last week I chronicled 2009 in the news for the CTA. This week we’ll look at some of the crazy CTA Tattler tales from this past year. We’ll look at one quarter per day through Thursday. January: A bunch of crazies dropped their drawers and rode the CTA on a cold January Saturday. The motorman... Read more »

The CTA year in the review, Q3: New hybrid buses; tougher policy on celling drivers; Brown resigns, Peterson takes over

This is the third installment of the Tattler’s 2009 CTA news in review, focused on the third quarter. July: The CTA admitted that passengers really didn’t like the “max-capacity” train cars on the Brown Line very much. The CTA took delivery of the first of 58 new articulated hybrid buses. My brother Dan announced the... Read more »

The CTA year in the review, Q2: Blue Line work begins, Bus Tracker rollout ends

This is the second installment of the 2009 CTA news in review, focused on the second quarter. April: When April opened, the CTA announced slow zone work in the Blue Line Dearborn tunnel – funded by federal stimulus funds – would create 400 jobs. The CTA and RTA came to a meeting of the minds... Read more »

The CTA year in the review, Q1: Fare hike, new prez, budget problems

This week I take a look at CTA in the news in 2009. Today, we review the first quarter of the year. January: The month starts with a bang and a fare increase of from 13% to 61%, depending on your rider profile. And January ended with a vacancy at the top for the CTA,... Read more »