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Take CTA to World Series from Westchester? Hmmmm

Longtime CTA Tattler reader Bob, lamented in an email that he misses my post, since my new job precludes me from writing much anymore. Why thanks, Bob. But he was kind enough to share this photo that he took at Friday night’s World Series game in Wrigley Field. “The retro map is by the stairs... Read more »

Video: 1977 L crash in Loop killed 11 people 39 years ago today

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Probably the worst day in CTA history was 39 years today when a Lake Dan Ryan slammed into the back of a Ravenswood train at the Lake-Wabash curve, killing 11 people and injuring more than 180. See this ABC News special report video on the accident. —————————– If you like this post, please like my... Read more »

CTA expands its anti-harassment campaign

The CTA has redoubled its effort to combat harassment on trains and buses by expanding and updating its “If It’s Unwanted, It’s Harassment” public service campaign. The campaign will feature a series of messages that will appear on buses and trains and at train stations beginning today. The campaign will serve three purposes: Encourage customers... Read more »

New job for me, but same ol' CTA Tattler

For the sake of transparency, I want you all to know that I’m thrilled to join the staff of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore as his chief of staff starting today. When I accepted the job, I considered whether I would continue writing CTA Tattler. And I have decided to continue to do so. The... Read more »

CTA Brown, Yellow lines have highest, lowest nearby household incomes

The folks at You Are Here recently released an interactive map of the CTA’s eight rail lines showing the median annual income of households within half a mile of each station. Interesting stuff. Here are some key takeaways. The Brown Line has the highest median household annual income at $84,030, just slightly ahead of the... Read more »

CTA deals well with cold and snow, unlike Boston

When Chicago was hit with almost 20 inches of snow on Super Bowl Sunday, the CTA rail system kept moving, even the six rail lines that don’t run overnight. The CTA ran cars on those lines to clear now in preparation for the Monday morning commute on Feb. 2. Meanwhile, Boston has been hit with... Read more »

Delivery of next generation of rail cars delayed till 2019

After rejecting bids from two rail car manufacturers, the CTA announced delivery of the 7000 Series cars will be delayed until 2019. They were originally expected in 2016. The first order will be for 200 rail cars instead of 100. Increasing the order size should prompt more manufacturers to bid and thus make bidding more... Read more »

CTA Tattler on hiatus for a week

Faithful readers, I need a little break. I will be back June 1 as my wife and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this coming week. Thank you for your patronage! See you next month.

Nearly 100 buildings would be razed to build preferred Red Line south extension

Almost 100 residential buildings could be torn down if the “locally preferred alternative” for the the Red Line south extension were to be built. That’s what the CTA revealed at a community meeting Tuesday night. More than 250 total land parcels would have to be acquired for the “preferred” extension alternative. From the CTA website:... Read more »

On the passing of my Mom, and a life well-lived

My Mom passed away today. She was 83. Honestly, I’ve never really much liked the euphemism “passed away.” Now I’ve changed my mind. The idiom is particularly appropriate for people in hospice care, where Mom had been for nine days. Hospice care is geared to help people – both the ill and their families –... Read more »