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Bus meets bikes on Critical Mass ride; bus wins

This account of the Critical Mass bike ride comes from a Tattler reader: I was a part of the entire Critical Mass ride last Friday afternoon. Although I don’t agree with everyone’s attitude towards sharing the road (or lack of) I thought overall it was an enjoyable ride. I’m one of those bikers that really... Read more »

CTA intimidation: Big guy pushes gals out of seat

Jim shares this story. I got on the north bound Red line train at Jackson. Sitting on the side seat next to the car door was a middle aged, extra large guy — maybe 350 pounds. He filled more that one and a half seats. He wore all black. He had headphones blaring Duran Duran... Read more »

CTA wanker caught in the act - now let's catch him

Regular readers know I’ve written (too) many times about perverts and wankers and fondlers and flashers on CTA trains and buses. I’ve encouraged you to be brave and take photos of the perps. Yep, easy for me to say, since I’m a guy. So big props to a reader I’m calling Judy. Here’s her story:... Read more »

Sleeping girl makes puddling mess; grooming woman prefers stick deodorant

News from the CTA etiquette front. Or shall I say, lack of etiquette. First, my daughter related this after-school train story. All was quiet until she heard: “Crystal! I knew I did not want you falling asleep on this train because I knew you would have to go to the bathroom.” Everyone in the train... Read more »

Ride the WHAT? An unfortunate ad juxtaposition, or not?

There’s really not much for me to say about this, except it’s good this is NOT a CTA ad. SLUT stands for South Lake Union Trolley in Seattle. Thanks for sharing, Mu.

New bag on seat strategy: Let the other guy take the blame

When I boarded the southbound Red Line at Morse at about 7:20 am last Friday, I saw the most egregious violation ever of the “no bags on seat” rule. A guy was sitting on the aisle with a briefcase on the window seat next to him. Across the aisle from him, he had placed a... Read more »

Indecent exposure report on CTA leads to arrest of convicted sex offender

A Kane County man last week was charged with public indecency and lewd exposure after touching and exposing himself to a woman on the Brown Line March 31. Just hours after the CTA incident, police allege that Douglas Sale also exposed himself to a female bicyclist in Rogers Park. Thank you, ladies, for coming forward... Read more »

Metra celebrates 25 years of "sounding off" in rider newsletter

I’ve heard some people call the “Sound Off” section of Metra’s rider newsletter, “On the Bi-Level,” as the rail line’s quasi version of CTA Tattler. That’s not quite right, but the newsletter itself celebrated its 25th anniversary of communicating directly with its riders. And for that, it certainly deserves a big-shout from CTA Tattler. From... Read more »

Let's hear it for handyman who helped driver subdue hammer attacker

Three cheers for the South Sider who helped prevent the hammer attacker from escaping through the bus driver’s window. Hip hip, hooray! It’s too easy to sit back and watch something horrible unfold in front of you, such as a bus fare cheat smack a bus driver in the head with a hammer when the... Read more »

Fryin' the L? Bike tossed on third rail causes fire, stops Red Line

From the CTA news of the weird file comes this story from late last week: CTA Red Line trains were stopped for about 30 minutes by a fire on the tracks early Friday morning, just north of the Morse station. The Sun-Times story reported that “a bicycle fell or was thrown or somehow ended up... Read more »