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Sexual harassment on the CTA: Widespread problem hits home

In a story posted today, the Reader asks: “Could woman-only el cars prevent sexual harassment on the CTA?” I think that’s a terrible idea. And so does the CTA, as the article points out. The transit agency last year launched an anti-harassment campaign to educate people about what constitutes harassment, and how to report it.... Read more »

Box-cutter guy has a bad day, takes it out on CTA seat

(As CTA Tattler takes a brief summer’s respite, we’ll publish “Tattler Tales” from the very early days of CTA Tattler. I started chronicling all things seen and heard on the CTA in June 2004.) My wife (she has all the best train stories because she travels the CTA on “off-peak” hours) was on her way... Read more »

Emergency stoppages bookend the work day for CTA Red Line riders

Monday was not a good day to be riding the CTA’s Red Line during the morning or evening rush hour. I know this firsthand because I was stuck on trains at both ends of my work day for various emergencies. First, at around 8 a.m., our motorman at North/Clybourn announced that all trains were stopped... Read more »

Wild, stabbing crime spree ends on bloody New York subway

A 28-hour crime spree in New York City ended with the stabbing of a passenger on the No. 3 train in New York City’s subway. Maksim Gelman was arrested after attacking the passenger, and then pounding on the door of the motorman’s compartment. Much to his surprise, two of New York’s finest were in the... Read more »

Shameless sharing of sexted photos startles Red Line riders

Two college-aged guys are sitting in the seats across from each other adjacent to the doors on the Red Line headed south. Both were heavily working their iPhones, reviewing various photos of women they knew. It was clear they were texting the photos back and forth to each other. At one point, one guy said... Read more »

Thefts on CTA still top last year's total

As 2010 winds to a close, thefts on the CTA remain a big problem. Thefts on the CTA in Chicago overall have increased 13.5% this year through November compared to the same period last year. CTA Tattler first reported this alarming trend earlier this year. Thefts on trains and buses went up 16.5% this year,... Read more »

Woman confronts flasher on train in video gone viral

This video from a New York subway train is making the rounds on the Internet, having gone viral once it was posted on YouTube. The good parts start at about 40 seconds in. This woman is so indignant at being flashed that she confronts the flasher loudly so the entire train car hears her. And... Read more »

Injured CTA motorman lifted from tracks, hospitalized

A CTA motorman injured himself after apparently slipping and falling on the Red Line tracks Tuesday morning between Thorndale and Granville. A CTA spokesperson said he was checking a problem at track level when he fell. He was hospitalized and was being treated for his injuries yesterday. Tovi got this photo of the motorman lying... Read more »

Posted photo of woman on CTA bus angers her, sparks firestorm of criticism

Jennifer Fastwolf with the photo she wanted removed from a website. (Chicago Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak) A Chicago retail worker tiredly boarded the #145 Wilson/Michigan Express CTA bus after a long work day. She inserted her earbuds, fired up her iPod and tried to relax. But Jennifer Fastwolf didn’t realize a woman across the... Read more »

Dear CTA, how about: If you see something, TEXT something

Long-time CTA Tattler readers know that I often have railed against CTA flashers, gropers, wankers and rubbers. I’ve urged women to stand up and fight back against these jerks. But I also realize that’s easy for a man to say. For its part, the CTA last fall started its ad campaign: “If it’s unwanted, it’s... Read more »