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CTA year in review: system improvements, controversial decisions

Dec. 13: Jarvis station to reopen late Thursday - last of Red Line north renovations. Depicted here is the main entrance at Jarvis, one of seven north Red Line stations renovated in 2012. (Photo by Alderman Joe Moore)
The bold announcement that the CTA would totally shut down the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line for five months in 2013 to rebuild the tracks was the top story of the year. Or was it the decision to raise prices for all CTA passes next year? No wait – the big story of... Read more »

Dan Ryan job like “ripping off the Band-Aid,” says Claypool

Dan Ryan job like “ripping off the Band-Aid,” says Claypool
CTA President Forrest Claypool sat down with a few transit-oriented bloggers today for a wide-ranging conversation about ridership trends, slow zones and what Bus Rapid Transit will look like in Chicago. Since the various Red Line projects are in the news these days, we’ll start with that. Stand by for other topics in future posts.... Read more »

House Republicans move to eliminate transit funding; contact your U.S. rep

Those nutty House Republicans are at it again. This time they are trying to eliminate guaranteed funding for transit agencies by taking away their allocation of gas taxes. The Midwest High Speed Rail Association summed it up just about how I would, so I will let them do the talking: “Don’t own a car?! Don’t... Read more »

Mad Men pitch for high-speed rail

Perhaps you are a fan of high speed rail? Or maybe you love A&E’s Mad Men television series. Or maybe both. If you’re one of the above or just like well-done propaganda pitches, you’ve  got to watch two Mad Men discuss ways to sell the benefits of high-speed trains the to public. President Obama could... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q4: Bad bus accident; CTA naming rights; fewer driver complaints

The Macy's Holiday Train? Maybe, as the CTA announced it was getting serious about naming rights for various agency properties and assets.
Here’s the final installment of CTA Tattler’s year in review, where we check out the hot news and zaniness from the last three months of the year. On Friday, we’ll recap the top stories of the year. October: The CTA added bus stop numbers to every bus stop sign so passengers could easily text Bus... Read more »

Charter train tour to visit track nooks and crannies, benefit rail museum

True rail enthusiasts and train buffs in general will jump at the chance to ride nearly every CTA train line on the CTA’s oldest cars in revenue service — the 2200-series cars built in 1969-70. You’ll get that chance at 9 am on Sunday, March 28, starting at the Rosemont/River Road station on the Blue... Read more »

The Tattler chats with Bob Sirott today on WGN Radio

If you’re near a radio at 12:15 pm today, tune into WGN Radio (720 AM) to hear your CTA Tattler talk with Bob Sirott about extending the CTA rail lines, and other CTA topics. If possible, I’ll post a link later.

Recommendations for Orange, Red, Yellow line expansions

Over the last two months, the CTA held a series of public meetings to announce what’s called the “locally preferred alternatives” for expansions of the Orange, Red and Yellow lines. These meetings were another step in the federally mandated process to get federal dollars for such expansion projects. Here are the recommended expansion alternatives. Orange... Read more »