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CTA making some progress on leasing rail properties

The space at Morse is for lease after a rehab in 2012.
The CTA is reporting some progress on leasing long-vacant storefronts and other station properties. But some locations that have been vacant for years are still proving to be hard sells. At its board meeting earlier this month, the CTA approved eight new concession leases at rail stations on the Brown, Green, Red, Orange, Purple and... Read more »

CTA shows art to be displayed at rehabbed Red Line north station

Argyle station art: Artist: Lynn Basa; Title: Cornucopia. Artist Concept: Artist Lynn Basa states, “The artwork reflects the Argyle neighborhood where cultures mix in a melting pot of cuisines, art, music and color. The art is about joyful abundance and harmony. I think of each of these flower forms as unique individuals, each with their own distinctive personalities, moving through the Argyle station on their way to someplace else.”Lynn Basa’s conceptual proposal will be fabricated into an artwork of Byzantine-style mosaic.
A wide range of art by seven artists – four of them from Chicago – will adorn the station houses of the seven Red Line north stations that were rehabbed last year. The gallery shows photos of the art at Jarvis, Morse, Granville, Thorndale, Berwyn, Argyle and Lawrence. The artwork for the seven north Red... Read more »

Repairing CTA slow zones: Like Sisyphus and his rock

It’s a typical Sisyphean task – seemingly futile and hopeless. The CTA makes some good headway on repairing rail slow zones in one area, only to see rails deteriorate in another area and get added to the slow zone map. In August of last year, the CTA announced a $15 million project to add more... Read more »

$10 million in TIF funds to cover part of Bryn Mawr rehab on CTA Red Line

$10 million in TIF funds to cover part of Bryn Mawr rehab on CTA Red Line
Almost half of the rehabbed Bryn Mawr Red Line station will be funded with Chicago Tax Increment Financing, Mayor Emanuel announced last week. About $10 million in TIF assistance would fund new lighting, fixtures, and platform surfaces, along with upgrades to the existing station house, tracks, plus a new elevator. The rest of the $25... Read more »

Retail spaces for rent at three CTA Red Line north rehabbed stations

The space on the south side of Morse is for rent.
Last week I wrote about the vacant storefronts on the north Red Line that it would “good to get them back on the rent rolls and serving their various communities.” It’s almost like the CTA was listening to me. Last Thursday the CTA posted rental offerings for 10 recently rehabbed storefronts at Argyle, Granville and... Read more »

CTA puts finishing touches on Morse station rehab five months after reopening

August 2012: Window walls are still missing on retail spaces on the south side of Morse.
In August of 2012, we were saying: “What a difference six weeks make.” That’s how long the Morse Red Line station was closed for renovations of the platform, tracks and track bed, station house, and adjacent commercial spaces. And now we are saying: “What a difference fives months make.” Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic... Read more »

Caterer to offer organic foods, paninis at Roosevelt, Jefferson Park CTA stations

Butterfield Kitchens will soon be offering made-to-order sandwiches in new CTA locations at the Jefferson Park Blue Line station and the Roosevelt station on the Green, Orange and Red lines. The Wilmette-based catering company signed 10-year leases at each location, with the total package worth close to $1 million for the CTA over that time.... Read more »

What grade for the CTA’s Red Line north station rehab project? A-plus? B-plus?

There are four wooden benches and 16 concrete "perches" at the base of canopy supports along the Morse platform. (CTA Tattler photo)
The following is a conversation about the CTA Red north rehab project between Patrick Barry, founder of CTA Station Watch and Tattler contributor, and Kevin O’Neil, your good ol’ CTA Tattler. Patrick: With seven stations rebuilt and reopened, a half-dozen viaducts fixed and painted, and a mile of slow zones eliminated, it’s time to give... Read more »

CTA year in review: system improvements, controversial decisions

Dec. 13: Jarvis station to reopen late Thursday - last of Red Line north renovations. Depicted here is the main entrance at Jarvis, one of seven north Red Line stations renovated in 2012. (Photo by Alderman Joe Moore)
The bold announcement that the CTA would totally shut down the Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line for five months in 2013 to rebuild the tracks was the top story of the year. Or was it the decision to raise prices for all CTA passes next year? No wait – the big story of... Read more »

Jarvis station to reopen late Thursday - last of Red Line north renovations

Workers buff the station attendant stand at Jarvis. (Photos by Alderman Joe Moore)
What started on June 1 at Granville will end at 10 p.m. Thursday at Jarvis. That’s when Jarvis, the last of seven Red Line north stations to be rehabbed, will open to the public. Work continues at Jarvis and other stations, as crews get through their punch lists of details to be pinned down. But... Read more »