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MTA challenges CTA with pizza slice bet on NLCS; rat not included

It’s usually a bet of popular food made between the mayors of two cities going head to head in a championship sports series. So it’s refreshing to see New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority challenging the Chicago Transit Authority to a pizza slice bet on the Mets vs. the Cubs in the National League Championship Series.... Read more »

New York rat yanks pizza slice down subway stairs; scampers before eating

Thumbnail image for 'New York rat yanks pizza slice down subway stairs; scampers before eating'
The Internet’s latest viral video shows a New York City rat determinedly dragging a pizza slice down the subway stairs at the First Avenue L train station. The rat apparently likes its pizza plain, though we couldn’t definitively confirm that. Matt Little, a comedian with the Upright Citizens Brigade, calmly shot the video on his... Read more »

Geeky CTA map: Chicago Table of "El"-ements

All you chemistry geeks out there will enjoy the Chicago Table of “El”-ements poster offered at the Chicago Tribune Store. The poster shows every current L stop arranged in the shape of the periodic table of elements originally designed by Dmitri Mendeleev. Every ‘El’ement contains the line color, stop name, stop symbol, the grid coordinate... Read more »

Taking subway panhandling to its limits in New York

Part of the challenge of a CTA commute is dealing with panhandlers on trains. This video from New York City takes things a little far – humorously. // If You Ride The NYC Subways This Is A Must Watch. Posted by Yea_Mon on Monday, March 23, 2015 —————————– If you like this post, please like... Read more »

Storm blows in old CTA transit card, stirs up memories of 2008 Crosstown Classic

The Cubs visit the White Sox this weekend – two ball clubs heading in different directions. But by some strange happenstance, a CTA transit card commemorating the 2008 Cubs-Sox series came in my direction last weekend. I found this card near my rear steps, just calling me to pick it up. I can only figure... Read more »

Let's have a dance party on the CTA like the Aussies

I’ll bet Chicagoans party like the Aussies do here at late-night on the Red Line. But I haven’t seen any similar video yet. Please hit me up if you have any CTA footage with some boogying like this. And gotta love those Aussies! (H/T to Debbie.) // Would you dance? Its people like this that... Read more »

Supercell storm slams Rogers Park; neighbors unite to clear downed trees

Neighbors work together to clear a street.
A fast-moving and vicious supercell thunderstorm pounded Rogers Park Sunday afternoon, shutting down the Red Line from Granville to Howard and leaving downed trees, blocked streets and sidewalks, plus power outages in its wake. It also brought together neighbors in a way that 20-inch blizzards unite us to help each other out of snowy and... Read more »

Eight years is a long time to wait for CTA Red Line

On Tuesday night at the Addison CTA station, the wait times for the next Red Line trains were about 8.5 years. Well, the “next train arrival” sign actually shows the date to be Jan. 1, but photographer Jonathan Rivera says he took this photo Tuesday night. And 4,504,143 minutes is just over 8.5 years. The... Read more »

How my Fitbit has changed my CTA habits

My Fitbit knows that I have been a member since Nov. 4, 2011. It knows that I have taken  17,400,869 steps since then, or just over 11,000 steps a day – and walked 8,568 miles total. What it doesn’t know is my daily machinations to try to take some extra steps. And that includes changing... Read more »

NO MO CTA: License plate tells story of freedom from buses and trains

From the Sun-Times comes this funny story about a former CTA rider who finally was able to ditch buses and trains, and brag about it on his license plate: He was even offered $10,000 by a retired CTA bus driver, but turned him down. Now that’s a guy who’s really happy not to be taking... Read more »